Oct 1, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Your Kids

When my children were younger and even as they entered their teen years I either couldn’t afford or couldn’t justify buying Halloween costumes. Most were so poorly made or extremely expensive. I am not saying that I haven’t purchased them from time to time because I have. There’s always that one that your child just has to have. Most of our Halloween costumes we’ve made and made together. The children enjoy watching and participating in creating and are always especially excited about Halloween costumes. It is so much fun coming up with ideas and listening to the ideas the children come up with. I’ve found that they are amazed that I have so many skills, even though the costumes ideas do not require much craftiness on my part! If I can do it, anyone can do it! Here are just a few costume ideas. 


This costume is very simple and extremely cute. Just find a box wide enough to fit around your child and long enough to cover their torso.A good size is about 16”W x 29”H x 11”D. Cut off the bottom flaps and tape down the top flaps. Sort of an oblong shape, like a Lego! Cut out a hole in the top for the head, use a plate for size, trace it, and cut out with utility knife. Do the same for the arms using a saucer for size. Paint the box whatever color Lego you like. It can be red, yellow, blue, or whatever. You need a solid color pajamas, pant/shirt, or leotard/tights. So if you have something solid like that you should go with the color of the outfit at hand. Spray paint the box with that color. Then use the 16 oz. plastic or Styrofoam cups you can get at any grocery store and cut in half to use. Use a hot glue gun to fasten them to the box or you could probably use tape and then spray paint the same color as box. There you go; your child is a Lego!


I found this adorable chicken costume and I had to share. You need yellow pants and white long sleeve top, a couple long white boas attached to the top with safety pins or tacked on, and some large yellow rubber gloves for the feet. You need to have clothes a little larger or stretchy so you can stuff them to make them a little fuller to look like a plump chicken. Stuff the rubber gloves and attach them to the bottom of the pants. The pants need to be long enough to go down over the top of the shoes and the rubber gloves hang off ends and flop around. Use a white t-shirt to cut out a tight fitting hat with ties for under chin then use some red material that is either a stiffer material (like felt) or stuff and sew a comb and attach to hat. You can make a yellow or orange beak out of poster board and attach with elastic. Now you have a precious little clucker!

Jelly Fish

For this one you need one of those over sized, see through umbrellas (the kind half your body fits under). Then you hang white, light blue, or light pink streamers down from the edges. Dress your child in same color solid outfit, or tights and leotards. Little girls can wear a tutu (because it’s precious). Voila!

Roman Goddess or Roman Nobleman

This is an old idea from a toga party I once attended. It was extremely easy and everyone thought I had purchased it or was an expert seamstress (neither of which is true). I bought a remnant from the fabric store of some really soft brushed cotton material in an off white; it can be any material but needs to flow easily. I found some golden ribbon at same store for sash, or if you can find material in gold that would be great too. You can either go to craft or dollar store or get artificial or silk leaves or flowers to make a wreath for head or just an up-do for girls with a few flowers in their hair. You also need some sandals, any type will do but leather is nice. A large golden necklace and a couple of slave type bracelets (for the girls) and you are a beautiful goddess or handsome nobleman.

I just wrapped it around and pulled it over one shoulder and used safety pins to fasten it securely. Then tied the sash around my waist and made a sweet little wreath with some leaves and silk flowers for my head. Threw on my sandals and I was ready to toga!


My daughter wanted to dress up for Halloween at school and wanted to be something pretty. I love going to resale shops and sometimes bring home things I do not know how I am going to use but I just have to have them. I found the most beautiful, silky long pink dress with puffy short sleeves. Looked just like a princesses dress! It was off in the closet so I pulled it out and it fit her perfectly. We went to one of those teen type jewelry shops that are all around the country and found a cheap tiara, dangly diamond earring and necklace set. We also found a gorgeous diamond bracelet. You don’t have to but I went to the fabric store and found some silky pink material that matched and made her a long flowing cape with one of those princess collars. She looked like royalty! She was so happy.

If you don’t have a dress like that lying around the house…..which most folks probably do not, then go to a resale or Salvation Army and look around. There usually old prom dresses, or bridesmaid dresses that would work for a princess. It’s a lot of fun looking with your kids too.  

Turtle or Lady Bug

This is a very simple costume and you can have a lot of fun with your kids painting, coloring, or using magic markers. You need green tights and leotards (or solid outfit in green) for the turtle and black if you are going for the lady bug. You will need a large sheet of poster board cut into a large oval shape. Color them with turtle markings or lady bug markings. If you want to make it look raised then cut slits in the oval every few inches, overlap it, and tape or staple it together. Attach either elastic or material loops to pull on over arms, or you can attach it to the back of the shirt with safety pins. You can either purchase some cheap antennas at the dollar store or if you have the plastic hair bands at home you can use some pipe cleaners and pom-poms for the lady bugs antenna. Paint a little dot of green on their noses for turtle or black for lady bug. This is where your imagination comes in and the kids are really good at this!


Another really simple but cute outfit is a chef. You can find a paper chef hat at the party stores, and a white apron with big pockets. Wipe a little sauce or chocolate across the front of the apron and dust them with a little flour in their hair and on their faces. Stick a whisk, a large spoon, or small rolling pin in their apron pocket. If it is a boy you can add one of those Italian mustaches for a little flair!

I am hopeful that I have given you some ideas that you can use or expand in making Halloween costumes with your children. Kids are so creative and love making things with mom and dad. This is the perfect opportunity for having fun and spending time with your children. They may even come up with some ingenious ideas of their own. Have fun creating and getting into the spirit of Halloween. Trick or Treat!

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