Mar 25, 2013

Take Back Our Food Supply!!

Call Today!! It's critical that you act now. Please call, share the information with whomever you can through email, text, social sites and Tweet.

"Let's Detox Our Home

Today, your help is needed in making a call on behalf of our planet's health. This is not about politics..It's about our health, food supply, and our right to have non-gmo corn, rice, etc. 
At this moment, the mega-corporation Monsanto has infiltrated our world's food supply, the FDA, the Supreme Court, and congress. This affect's the whole world's food supply. This corporation created Agent Orange and other poisons. And they are now asking for immunity from lawsuits when people get sick from the GMO food they've created.

Monsanto, like tobacco companies, only cares about profit at the expense of people's lives. And they don't want to be held accountable for their poisons.

Even if you're shy, nervous, or afraid, please make the call. Call from other countries, too, as Monsanto has gmo seeds all around the world.

Take back our power and our food supply!!!" ~ Doreen Virtue

If you are unclear about what's happening with our food supply there are many resources to bring you up to speed. 

Here is a Tweet to copy and paste into Twitter or Hootsuite. Please Tweet today!!

Take back our power & our food supply!!! Call congress and the president. Tell them to #VetoHR933 P-  202-456-11111 & Congress 202-224-3121


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Jennifer Laurent said...

This is very important, awesome of you to share the info on helping our food stay safe. Thank you :)