Oct 8, 2013

Do Your Children Speak To You About Their Past Lives Or Reincarnation Memories?

Children are very aware of spirit, past life memories and discarnate beings. Their memories tend to fade by age seven unless as a parent you allow for conversation and expansion. While raising our children we purposely allowed a space for growth and their own truth and beliefs. If they were telling us something that may have seemed absurd we didn't shut them down or discount what they were saying. Our minds were always open to what they had to say.
Our children had full on memories of other past lives. For instance Stacy's daughter Rachel would tell her dad while he was pushing her on the swing at the age of five she remembered pushing him on the swing when he was a five year old little boy. She shared other experiences and was convinced at a very young age she was his grandpa in her previous life as we were. Her memories were all accurate and confirmed by her dad and other family members.

When you parent from an intuitive space your relationship with your children blooms.

Do your children speak to you about their past lives or reincarnation memories? Please share your story!