Dec 21, 2013

Carol & Stacy's Interview on Peaceful Parents Radio Show With Genevieve Kohn - Raising Our Children With Intention

Hello everyone, we wanted to share with you some exciting news. We were on our very first parenting radio show.  Peaceful Parents radio is hosted by a wonderful lady named Genevieve Kohn. Do to time constraints we pre-recorded the show. Genevieve was truly amazing, very grounding and resonated with us both. 

Parents and guardians if you have any questions after listening to the show please leave them here or on the radio show page. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Show topic:  Raising Our Children with Intention

Parents are the co-creators of their child’s future by the choices they make in raising their children. When parents parent from their intentional conscious self they are more emotionally available to teach their children how to thrive in life, nurturing them in a positive manner. They learn how to treat themselves and how to treat others with honor and respect.

We touch on raising children with intention, Indigo children, Crystal children, how we began our writing journey, intuition and so much more. 

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Thank you so much Genevieve for having us on your show. We loved it! 

Love and light, Carol and Stacy

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