Feb 28, 2014

Record Breaking Snow! Winter 2014.

This is Carol's swing and fire pit in her back yard.

Here in Missoula, Montana we are having record breaking snow levels. We haven't had this much snow in February since the 30's. It just keeps coming. We'll get it cleared out, have a little break and then another storm will roll in. As I type this blog post we are under a severe blizzard warning. 50 mile an hour winds are supposed to be blowing in this evening. Time will tell. Here is several pictures of the snow just in our little neck of the woods. To see more Missoula 2014 snow pictures go here! Just to give you a heads up, there is a lot of pictures. We wanted to make it easy for family and friends to see the pictures in one convenient space instead of emailing each and everyone of them.

The front of Carol's house. We had to dig our way out this morning.

This is the walkway we use to walk down to the river.

Here's a selfie as we prepare to start the snow blower.

Carol standing in Stacy's driveway.

Stacy standing in her driveway.

Snowdrift in Stacy's front yard.

Stacy's turn with the snow blower.

Stacy's backyard. The picket fence is where her garden grows. 

That's the door that leads into the garage. As you can see the wind has blown snow everywhere.

The other end of the Toten back yard. That is a six foot fence!

Carol's roof.

Easy street is not so easy right now. 

Tomorrow we'll figure out how to get out of the culdesac. 
It's supposed to be negative 20-40 below so we may not go anywhere until Monday!!!!

Carol's hubby Randy staying warm! There was five of us shoveling and snow blowing snow today.

Randy snow blowing snow a few days ago before the big blizzard hit.

We hope you enjoyed our Winter 2014 update. 
How is the weather where you live? Please share.
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We appreciate you!


Anonymous said...

As devastating as your weather became it really looks beautiful to me. We never get snow where I live and the weather gets soooo hot here that the lizards hang of the tree branches to try to get some relief from the heat. I have been known yto arrive at pool parties with large blocks of ice to cool the pool lol. We obviously live on polar opposites and I love to hear about the way the other half live. Stay warm and safe. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hi Alison, it is beautiful. We are used to snowy winters and expect all that comes with it. Mother Nature just gave us a lot more in February then we are use to. It snowed 26 out of 28 days last month. Hopefully you get a reprieve from the heat. I love hearing about where you live. I'd love to see a picture of the lizards. Have you had any rain this summer? Maybe Fall and Winter will bring you more balanced temperatures. Thanks so much for reading our blog and for taking the time to comment. We always enjoy hearing from you.