Apr 29, 2014

There is no path where no one has gone so stop looking for one.

I was thinking how amazing it was that 25 years have passed since my husband and I wrote our vision of what was at that time and how the future was uncertain. With all that has changed in our social structure I decided to ask my husband Ed to give me a summary of where we had began and where we are now. I hope you enjoy his response. ~ Stacy Toten

There is no path where no one has gone so stop looking for one.

Twenty years ago in the spring of 1994 Stacy and I committed to explaining what we had discovered in our pryor fifteen years of research into what was seen at the time as counter culture residue.

The explosion of knowledge that the 60's brought, unfortunately followed by a lost decade of opportunity, left the social fabric of America in shambles. In a normal response from the status quo the country tried desperately to return to some good-ol-days thinking, thus was born the current situation we are facing.

Our only conclusion to this dilemma we face is to understand "you are the one deciding." Making this choice will effect your life, so please consider this.

There is at this time no evidence that anything that has been done in the past has worked. If it did we would all know about it and everyone would be doing it. Instead we have continuous discussions lead by ideology with obviously no hope of compromise let along consensus.

The bold choice Stacy and I presented in "Man Approaching Simple Soulutions" seemed far fetched when proposed. The idea that you could not only create your experiences but had the right to do so. That you could choose not to believe in what had come before but in knowing that something wonderful was just around the next corner. We decided to choose and are grateful everyday for that choice. Being free to "engage the every changing canvas of life," we paint our existence constantly changing, always evolving, knowing that "now" is why we are here! Using yesterdays knowledge for answers to todays experiences does not make sense. The answer is simple.

"Always forward never Straight!"

"There is no path where no one has gone, so stop looking for one." "Time is a lie, Death is a Fable."

Stacy Toten along with her husband Ed are doctors of Metaphysics. They have been practitioners for over twenty-five years. Happily married for 33 years, together they have two beautiful daughters, 2 cats and 2 dogs. Stacy is also co-author of Intentional Conscious Parenting and co-editor and a regular contributor to the family and parenting community at All Things Healing. Together they enjoy spending time helping others along their spiritual path and relishing in mother nature. Connect with Stacy and Ed on Twitter!

To begin any examination of your life, you must first ask yourself a simple question. "Who am I?" Thus begins the journey of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions. The emphasis being on the soul. The goal of this book is for you to realize life as a "Free Thinking Human Being." Through the writing of this book we hope to share in the awakening of those who are so desperately searching for answers in today's ever-changing world. Action is the essential element in the realization of any dream. 

"I have never been more affected by the work of another psychic as I have been by the few contacts I have had with this couple. We needed assistance from the spirits in a different way, and the healing results of this particular contact have been dramatic and unexpected." ~ Taken from the book Warrior Woman A Journal of My Life as an Artist by Tina LeMarque


Full Spectrum Mama said...

How about change "Man" to "People"???? ;)

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hello Full Spectrum Mama are you referring to Man in the title of their book? "M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions." If so that's referring to mankind. :)