Nov 14, 2014

5 Fun Health Tips.

Some Fun Health Tips!

1) Dandruff - Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup water and use it as a hair rinse.

2) Acne - Put a dab of tea tree oil on blemishes.
"The plant's antibacterial extracts disinfect skin and speed healing.", says James Balch, MD. Co-Author of Prescription For Nutritional Healing.

3) Brain Fog - Trouble concentrating? Take a 20 minute break by doing an easy aerobic activity, like walking, and you'll instantly gain your focus. "You turbo charge your brains supply of oxygen and nutrients", explains Pamela Peeke, MD author of Body For Life For Women, you can expect to boost your mental speed by 5% for more than two hours, says a study at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

4) Colds - Enjoy a daily serving of citrus, like an orange or half a grapefruit; and you could cut your cold risk in half in just one month, according to the experts at the National Institutes of Health. "Credit goes to citrus, immunity-boosting vitamin C and beta-carotene," explains Ann G. Kulze, M.D., author of Dr, Anne's 10 Step Diet.

5) Tummy Ache - Sucking on a peppermint 15 minutes before meals can reduce bloating, and indigestion by almost 80%, report Taiwanese researchers.

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Disclaimer: We are not physicians, always check with your doctor before trying new diet changes, supplements, etc.


Full Spectrum Mama said...

These are so simple -- and hence REASONABLY doable ;)

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Full spectrum mama, so glad you enjoyed them. Yes, they are simple and doable. Keep an eye out, we have another future blog post coming up soon with more great tips!