Feb 4, 2015

Nightly Affirmation For Adults

One of the things we like to do before drifting off to sleep is settling into our beds and getting quiet within ourselves. We have a nightly ritual of clearing our minds, sending back any energy we collected during the day from everyone we came in contact with including removing any hooks or negative energy we may have also picked up unintentionally. We go through everything we are grateful for, clearing with techniques gained from Ho'oponopono and fill ourselves with gratitude. Then we visual how we would like tomorrow to go. Understanding we are co-creators with spirit we know how powerful this is. We then think in our minds a few affirmations and then drift to sleep.

The above affirmation is meant to be a guide on getting you started with your nightly positive thought process. 

What do you do to relax your mind before bed? Do you have any rituals or techniques you'd like to share? 

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