Aug 20, 2015

How To Make Herb Butter With Your Children

Many moons ago together we took a horticulture class in college. One of our assignments was to make organic herb butter. We fell in love with herbs and their many medicinal properties and uses.

Here's one of our favorite recipes we like to make all the time. It's perfect for snacks on breads and crackers, add it to your steamed veggies or baked potatoes. It's up to your palate how you use it. This is an easy and quick recipe to make with your children. They could actually do it themselves with your guidance.

Here is the ingredients and supplies  you will need.

* Softened Butter
* Your favorite dried herb
* Bowl for mixing
* Spoon for stirring

Set your butter out on the counter until it's soft and pliable.
Add butter and herb to your bowl.

Stir and serve.

The flavors meld together and become stronger over time.

Refrigerate leftovers.

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