Jan 23, 2016

Five Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids On A Snow Day.

Snow days can be great for slowing our fast paced lives down.

That's one reason why we appreciate winter so much here in Montana.

After you've had fun playing in the snow consider these five fun activities to do indoors with your children.

1. Grab a warm drink and read a book together.
2. Game night! Break out all your board games and have fun. Our kids are adults and we still have game nights. You are never to old to play games.
3. Make a fort out of kitchen chairs and sheets or break out the tent and set it up in the biggest room in the house. Add pillows, blankets, books, some toys and a flashlight.

4. Gather up the art supplies and encourage your child's creativity to flow.
5. Storytelling time. Find a spoon, talking stick or a special item. Pass it around. The child holding the stick/special item gets to tell their story. When they are done it's passed to the next child or you the adult to tell your story. Don't be surprised if your child asks the deep questions during story telling time. 

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