Jun 22, 2016

Color Your Chakras Coloring Book

If you've been a reader of ours for awhile, you know we believe in our energy bodies and the importance of taking care of the health of our chakra systems. So when Hasmark Services asked us if we'd like to be part of Dr. Susan Shumsky's launch we said absolutely! We knew you'd want to hear all about her new chakra coloring book. What a great way to learn about your chakras!

Today we are excited to tell you about a different kind of coloring book. 

It's a glorious way to open your chakras and energy flow through color. In Color Your Chakras, Dr. Susan Shumsky, an award winning, best-selling author presents her gorgeous, original chakra illustrations along with explanations about the #chakra system so you can enjoy its immense power. 

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Namaste, Carol and Stacy