Nov 3, 2016

Childrens Book Review: The Hug Store

Sharing *HUGS* with first graders!
Rick & Shana Morrison bring "The Hug Store" to the classroom.

The Hug Store By Shana and Rick Morrison.

When author Rick Morrison reached out to us to review his brand new children's picture book The Hug Store inspired and co-authored by his daughter Shana, we were delighted.

This charming book is overflowing with LOVE. It fills an emotional need that all humans require. (((HUGS)))

It's near and dear to our hearts because it teaches the children how to become self aware, self reliant and how to go within themselves for answers.

The Hug Store has extra bonus information at the end. Including some benefits and facts on how hugging can aid in our well-being.

The extra suggestive topics for parents, teachers and child care professionals to discuss with children on the importance of safe touching and hugging are significant for their healthy emotional development.

The descriptive illustrations will draw the children into the real life family story line.

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