Jul 25, 2017

Campfire Pizza Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy

Whether you like to hunker down in a tent off in some secluded corner of the forest, or you are one of the 30 million RV enthusiasts in the United States, camping is a good way to get away from the stresses of life and enjoy some time with the family.

One of the best ways to enjoy yourself while camping is having a good old fashioned cookout. But how do you prepare food that is both safe to eat and delicious while visiting a campground?

For parents who are looking to have a nice fireside meal with their families that goes beyond the drudgery of a can of refried beans and hot dogs, we've got a real treat for you: Campfire pizza.

It's no secret that pizza is a favorite for many. In fact, a Harris poll shows that pizza is the number one comfort food among Americans. But pizza while camping? That requires the blind devotion of a pizza zealot. If that describes you, then read on!

What You Need for Campfire Pizza

You will need a campfire that is widely dispersed and hot, but not too hot. Blue flames are a sign of incredibly high heat, so if you see them, wait for the fire to cool.

You will also need a grill to place over the fire. Ours fit on top of our (small) fire pit, but if the fire is hot enough, you can set it over to the side.

The Dough

The first challenge when attempting to make a campfire pizza is making the dough. Oh sure, you can buy pre-made dough or a dough kit, but for the true devotee, you know that the best pizza is made from scratch. Besides, this way you can be sure that each ingredient that you use is organic and safe for your loved ones.

For our pizza, we took Alton Brown's recipe and substituted the bread flour. Instead, we used a high-gluten flour that provides far more air pockets as it cooks. It's a little labor intensive, and you can certainly find simpler recipes.

Next, lay out your tin foil so that you can roll out the dough. Then, spray the foil with a layer of your favorite non-stick cooking spray. We chose to make six small individual pizzas -- two for each of us, don't tell! You can choose to make larger pizzas if you have a large enough grill to put over the fire.

Once you've rolled up the dough, seal it off and set it on the grill for 3-4 minutes on each side. This should help you firm up the dough enough to start adding the toppings and avoid your pizza accidentally becoming a calzone.

The Pizza

Once the dough is cooked almost the whole way through, take it off of the fire and place it somewhere secure. Now comes the most important (and most delicious) part of any pizza, the sauce.

We like to use a traditional tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and add a dollop of homemade ricotta cheese and pepperoni. We also used a cast iron skillet to fry up a few strips of organic bacon and then shredded it over the top.

Once the toppings are all set, it's time to re-wrap your pizza in aluminum oil, but this time be sure to tent the foil so that you can trap in the heat without the cheese sticking to the foil. Once you have your pizza secured, place it on top of the grill again.

Leave that on just long enough to finish cooking the dough and melt the ingredients, another 3-5 minutes probably. And then you're done! Open the foil and let the pizza cool for a minute or two (this is probably the most difficult step).

Once it's done, Enjoy!

Kelsey R. is a writer and an avid world traveler. When she's not writing or listening to 80s music, you can find her exploring different countries, taking selfies with her dog Lady, and in constant search for the perfect brownie recipe.

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