Sep 28, 2017

Wildfest In Missoula

We recently had the pleasure of volunteering for a local kids event.

We volunteered with our dear friend Patricia at Wildfest. 

Wild Skies Raptor Center was there with three of their rescued raptors.

We volunteered for one of the kids booths. 
Kids of all ages including some adults created faces out of items from nature.

To make your own nature faces with the kiddos simply gather wild materials.
Pine cones, feathers, seed pods, flowers, berries, twigs and more.

Gather them all together in a display box and let the kids pick which 
materials they want to use. 

Take pictures of the final creations.

If your items are dried out enough they could be stored for another creative day! 

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Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children.
Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

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