May 6, 2018

Raising Eco-Friendly Kids

One way to ensure the planet continues to support human life for as long as possible is to teach future generations how to embrace eco-friendly living. The great news is that such lessons all start at home. By teaching kids how to care for the planet you can ensure they sustain Earth’s valuable resources while also living much healthier lives. Here are a few ways in which you can raise your kid’s sense of eco-consciousness.

#1 Recycling
Recycling is the process of converting items that would ordinarily be thrown away and transforming them into new products. Recycling can easily be incorporated at home by placing a separate recycling bin in a convenient location, such as in the kitchen so that children can practice separating out their garbage from recyclables like paper, plastics, glass and aluminum. Children will enjoy the responsibility of separating their trash while also taking care of their planet and parents can take pride in imbibing a lifestyle that prioritizes such eco-friendly behaviors.

#2 Reusing and Repurposing
Waste is a major contributor to many of the environmental problems witnessed today. Savvy parents can help to reduce the amount of waste that is produced at home by reusing and repurposing items, giving them new life and meaning. For instance, empty jars or cans can be used as flower vases or neat pencil holders. Alternatively, children can color on both sides of their papers before they throw them away. The same is true for old toys which can be donated to other children who may still be able to use them. Old furniture can be stained or painted to keep it out of landfills as can old clothing and other items that are laying around the house not getting much use. The list is almost endless for how you can reuse or repurpose items at home. What’s more is that children will enjoy getting involved in such creative projects with their parents.

#3 Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
Excess carbon emissions are also causing threats to the environment. This is because dangerous levels of emissions enter into the atmosphere, causing damage to the ozone layer which threatens us all. Families can practice a lifestyle that reduces their individual carbon footprints by walking or biking more. Families can also practice conserving energy at home by turning off the lights when they are not in use or by turning off the faucet while brushing teeth to save water. Families can also save water in the yard by using water conservatively when caring for gardens or when washing cars. Such small steps can go a long way towards helping the planet and children will enjoy such fun activities while they equally care for the planet.

#4 Organic Gardening
Gardening at home is another way to raise eco-friendly children. This is because growing foods—delicious fruits, herbs and veggies—is a great first-hand lesson for children on how nature works together to sustain life. From planting seeds in dirt, to watering them, to ensuring they have plenty of sunshine, gardening is a great way for children to get up close and personal with Mother Earth. As such, children can develop an appreciation for plant life and may even have a sense of gratitude and pride in growing their own dinner. In short, growing a garden at home is presents an excellent opportunity for encouraging mindfulness in kids on why eco-friendly living is so important.

For parents who have committed to a green lifestyle, there are many ways to instill these same values in your children. From practicing good recycling habits to reducing and repurposing, to starting an organic garden, or conserving energy at home, there is no better way to preserve the future than through teaching your little ones healthy, green habits today. Consider any of these tips when raising your children to be eco-friendly just like you.

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