May 28, 2023

Your Energy Can Impact Your Child's Behavior

🦋 Energy Check! Where are you at this moment? How do you feel inside? What kind of energy are you projecting?
Reminder parents,

Children, especially little ones are learning all about emotions and how to express themselves. They are also highly Intuned to the energy surrounding them.

They can pick up and channel an adult's energy in seconds.

I watched this firsthand last week. Our precious granddaughter was having fun playing and singing. Daddy came in the door. After having a particularly stressful day he was clearly still processing some events that had transpired. She immediately picked up on Daddy's energy, started trying to tear one of her letter toys, and began throwing her toys on the ground. Her whole attitude, demeanor, and energy changed in a moment.

I scooped her up and looked her in the eyes, laughingly (she's not even two yet), I giggled and said we are OK, that's daddy's energy, let's shake it off and shook her in my arms in a playful way. She laughed, kissed me, and in a moment shifted back to herself. ( I could completely see she understood what I was saying. She knew throughout her inner being what was taking place. Remember children are highly evolved spiritual beings in little bodies.)

Learning about, tapping into, and balancing your own energy is an important tool to utilize, especially in your parenting. It's also a great tool to use when you are exposed to others' energy and may unknowingly be taking on their mood or emotion simply by being in the same room with them.

I encourage you to check in often and feel where you are at. Keep an eye on it and notice when you are all out of whack and how fast your kids get out of whack too.

I'm not saying they won't have their own meltdowns and moments, of course, they will but if you can center yourself, not personalize, you'll be more equipped to help them work through their emotional moments.

~ Carol Lawrence

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