Dec 19, 2020

Take Back Control - Cell Phone Addiction And Conscious Parenting


We want to talk about a topic that is not widely discussed. It's one we feel is very important. So important we can't stay silent about this continuous problem.

Everywhere we look around, people, and parents are staring at their phones. Often we'll see the adults on their phones and their kids bouncing up and down trying very hard to get their parents attention. 

We've even seen parents walking down the street staring at their phone while their kids are walking behind them. First of all they should be right next to them or even right in front but that's a whole other topic. 

For now we'll focus on the pressing issue of distraction and cell phones. We want to make clear, we're not passing judgement. Some of us work through our phones. It's our main source of staying in constant contact with loved ones, viewing the world and for many it's a main way to stay connected. 

Cell Phone addiction is at an all time high and it's not your fault. 

Did you know science has actually shown we receive dopamine dumps inside our brains making us feel good every time we are rewarded with a like or acknowledgment? It's very easy to get stuck in the dopamine reward loop.

As shown in the documentary The Social Dilemma, Social Media Giants have spent millions on manipulating your social media feed to reward you for staying distracted. 

If you are here visiting our blog then we know you really take your role as a parent seriously and you're doing your best. Intentional Conscious Parenting is about being as present as possible during your parenting moments. Practice putting your phone down during your special family times such as during dinner time, bedtime routines and especially during those moments when your child comes to you with a question and is craving one on one time. Start with baby steps if that helps. If your kids are older make a Family Pact to put all your electronic devices down during certain times of the day when you are interacting together. We are our children's best example, they watch everything we do. Let's guide them on how they can enjoy the benefits of electronics but also how they can be the ones in control. 

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Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children

Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

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