Aug 4, 2021

I Recently Wrote An Article On Medium About My Experience Homeschooling My Sons

Schooling, Homeschooling, and Unschooling. So many choices. Here are a few tidbits I gleaned when I homeschooled — unschooled my sons through their middle school and high school years.

First of all, I want to commend you for considering breaking away from the traditional way of schooling. The reason I chose to homeschool wasn’t that I didn’t like the school system it was because my sons were requesting it daily and they were willing to make it work if I was.

One son was at the end of 6th grade, struggling, miserable in school, and was manifesting physical symptoms through asthma. He felt like school was sucking the life out of him. My oldest was in his Jr year of high school. 

My youngest son Josh begged me to try homeschooling. My job at the time running the family resource center as a Family Outreach Specialist was being cut way back and my husband was working full time so it allowed me to jump in with both feet. Yes, we had to pinch pennies and scale back but we made it through.

When I decided to homeschool there was a lot of angst at first. Who am I to homeschool, my children? I don’t have a teaching degree. But I do have a degree in living life and I’m great at mining for resources.

I read every book I could find on the topic. I also began reaching out to other parents I knew were homeschooling and began asking them questions and making notes of their guidance. I looked for a homeschooling group to join for support. I found a group of parents and their kids who met once a week. The moms would chit-chat and share what’s working and not working while the kids had free time to play. The friendships at that time were invaluable for my son and me.

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