Oct 25, 2021

Trick or Treating And Other Fun and Safe Fall Activities to Do with the Kids

Well, it is that time of the year, and the kids cannot hide the excitement for their plans for Fall. Every year, they try to come up with new ways to have fun, whether out at a pumpkin patch or home by the fire. Every parent should take advantage of these variations and use this season to bond more with their kids. Whether you plan for an outdoor or indoor Halloween, here are fun fall activities that you can do with your kids:

Make Home Decorations 

If there is one season that pushes your kids’ creativity levels even further, then it has to be the “spooky season.” If the kids want to decorate the house, do not limit them from doing so! You can never run out of decorating ideas, and you are not limited to any style of doing it. 

With the Halloween festivities in mind, there are a lot of things that you and your kids can enjoy doing together like:

Carving pumpkins (or for a safe alternative, break out the paint and draw on your designs)

Making an apple stamped banner

Making a paper pinwheel scarecrow

While you are at it, do not restrict your kids’ creativity and let them do the decorating work that includes cutting, gluing, and any other thing that they think would make the d├ęcor look good. It is their time to reflect on their style. The best you can do is give suggestions and support what they are doing.

Make Healthy Home Treats

The fall season is not complete without enjoying some tasty treats, especially those that fall within the Halloween festivities. Instead of eating all sweet, you could spend time together making healthy but fun treats like tangerine pumpkins, banana ghosts, fruit kabobs, etc. 

You can let your kids enjoy some sweet treats but still instill some healthy eating habits in them. You can also ask them to invite their neighboring friends so that they can do this together. If you instill these healthy eating habits in their younger years, they are more likely to carry on with this into the future. 

Do A Family Movie Night

In recent years, the film industry has expanded its creativity to produce more films that are kid-friendly. To add more fun to it, you can buy your kids costumes of the film characters they like and let them wear them as you enjoy the movie night. Also, it would be fantastic if you made some treats like cookies or caramel apples early enough so that you can enjoy the delicacies as you watch the movie together. 

Do a Trick-or-Treating Drive / Walk

Despite the cold season, enjoying the freshness that nature brings in this season is still essential. However, you can do this differently and cleverly by going through the isolated homes and allowing your kids to throw candy to the kids who are in their yards while they remain in the cars. The kids will get excited seeing other kids’ costumes, and they can still interact with them securely shielded from the cold in the vehicle as they watch the kids collect all the candy. Or weigh out your options, bundle up and trick or treat like you normally do. 

Visit Local Parks

Like we mentioned earlier, your outdoor life should not be restrained by the cold as long as you follow all the local park rules and still conserve the environment. Before walking or driving to the park, ensure that you pack some snacks and water for the kids to prevent many stopovers in the crowded stores. To simplify the whole plan, you can organize a simple nearby park retreat. 

Dress up your kids in the proper warm attire and comfy footwear and go. Also, let the kids enjoy the falling leaves and let them jump in the pile of leaves or feed the ducks if there is a pond nearby with some. You can also let your kids interact and play other games with other kids in the park.

Despite the cold, kids should still be kids, and they should be allowed to have fun. Once they pass that age, they will never go back there. Therefore, don’t limit them so much despite the few challenges. If you get involved, talk to them gently and give them the necessary ground rules, they will listen and still enjoy themselves as they should. 

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