Mar 10, 2022

Fun Gift Ideas For The Special New Mom In Your Life

The new baby has arrived and mom is settling in. She's thrilled, exhausted, and potentially overwhelmed. New parents often receive a variety of presents for their new little bundle of joy to welcome them into the world. In this article, we are going to focus on mom and fun gifts for her. 

Here are some fun gifts ideas for the special new mom in your life. 

1) Time - Sometimes getting a shower with a brand new little one can be difficult. This is where you come in. Offer an invitation to donate a few hours of your time. These few hours could give mom a chance to shower, clean up the house, cook a meal or wash some laundry while you watch the new baby. Or you could offer to take some of the regular household tasks off her hands while she rests with the baby. 

2) 2022 Mom Calendar and Planner - Keeping track of daily tasks, appointments, kid activities, trips to the naturopath, school activities, meal planning and everything else a mom has to track can become overwhelming. We've released our first 2022 Intentional Conscious Parenting Calendar & Planner for moms. Perfect for helping mom keep her world organized.

3) Encourage Self-Care With A Gifted Massage - Moms are busy, dads are busy! When you're busy taking care of everyone else prioritizing self-care can sometimes get pushed to the back of the priority list. Help the new parents in your life prioritize themselves by gifting an hour to a massage therapist. Call around, many offer couple massages or baby and mama massages. 

4) Relaxing Gift Package - Help mom relax with a warm soak in the tub. Package together a Sweet Orange, Pink Himalayan Soaking Salt, a Rose Quart Candle and a gift card to download her favorite affirmations or meditations

5) Mama Bear Warm Drink Bundle - Take a beautiful gift bag or basket and fill it full of warmth to simmer and sip. Toss in some Unique Herbal Tea Sets, Mushroom Coffees & Bone Broth for nutritious fun.  Add in a fun Mama Bear Coffee Cup to bring the whole package to life.

Are you a new mom? What ideas would you add to this list? Leave a comment and share!

Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten both reside in the mountains of Montana with their husbands, fur/feathered babies, and families. They love living next to a river and a mountain two houses apart. 

Their two families met in 1987 in Arizona when Stacy was pregnant with her second daughter and Carol was pregnant with her first son. For over 36 years they’ve been creating, writing, and raising their families together. In 2010 they began blogging regularly on this blog, Intentional Conscious Parenting then they later on published 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm. They are also best-selling co-authors of the book Women On Purpose; 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling. 

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