Jun 24, 2023

June's Intentional Conscious Parenting Tip: Connection Over Correction

Conscious parenting tip: Connection Over Correction

Prioritize connection over correction.

Instead of immediately jumping to discipline or punishment when your child misbehaves, take the time to connect with them and understand what's going on with them emotionally.

This can help build trust and strengthen your relationship, which can ultimately lead to better behavior.

Additionally, instead of punishing your child for their mistakes, focus on teaching them about responsibility, empathy, and problem-solving skills.

This approach can help your child learn from their mistakes and develop a sense of self-awareness and accountability.

Carol: For example, all three of my granddaughters were playing very well together yesterday. After a few hours, meltdowns started to ensue. I could have put the two bigger girls in time out (ages 5 & 6), got uptight and joined in the argument, or reverted to being loud and authoritative. 

Instead, I gathered all three girls and said we need a break. They need to drink some water, have a snack if they're hungry, and give themselves some space from each other. 

We headed with water and snacks in hand outside to the backyard. After about ten minutes of calming down, their energy shifted and then we began to talk about why they were fighting, and the words that were exchanged. 

Together they calmly talked about different ways they could have handled their disagreement, worked through their frustrations, and were ready to move on to playing again in no time. 

How do you prioritize connection over correction? We'd love to hear your stories and tips on prioritizing connection or correction.

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