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Oct 20, 2011

How are you feeling during this time of unrest around the world.

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How are you feeling during this time of frustration and unrest taking place around the world right now? Are you still able to find your zen?

We are in mid October, the season of fall. It's refreshing, full of brilliant colors and stimulating scents. The kids are back in school or back on their home-school schedules. Life is rolling along.

Even though the scenery is stunning and the air is filled with change, there's an underlying feeling of restlessness.

We are wondering how you are feeling. Are your kids aware of what's going on and do you talk about it with them.

Are you nervous about 2012? We wrote an article about 2012 awhile back that we feel is relevant to revisit now.

2012 ~ The Beginning. There are two parts so be sure to read them both.

We want you to know we are here to discuss the planetary and inner personal shifts everyone is going through. Feel free to share you fears, feelings and thoughts on the matter.

The time that's been spoken about is here. A time of transparency, a time when the Indigo's and Crystals can no longer tolerate the road that's been laid before them to be the norm. A time of great challenges and great change. We personally are looking forward to the change. It's not always easy but it is needed. Reach out to your like minded friends, surround yourself with positive people, focus on what you really want to create in your life and get ready to embrace all that is. This is an incredible time to be alive on planet earth. It is no accident that you are here at this time. There are two main streams of consciousness right now. A stream of fear which can lead to much stress and uncertainty. The second stream is love based on trust and faith that change is needed but an inner knowing it will all work it's self out in the end.

When we choose to tap into and participate in the stream of love, we are aware of what's going on but choose to stay grounded and keep it all in perspective. It's a great idea to create healthy boundaries and limit how much news and negativity you expose yourself and your children to. How do you stay balanced? Connected?

Embrace the shift in energy and the acceleration of intuitive skills and connection to source.

Thanks for reading our blog and for choosing a path of intentional conscious parenting.

Namaste, Carol and Stacy

What is 2012?  "A movement from what was to what is.
Children will absorb this in a way we do not understand, for it
will simply be their world. It would be ignorant to try and shield them of this change." Read the rest of the article here!