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Feb 8, 2011

The Universe's Birthday Cake By Annie Burnside M.ED

While we were reading Annie's new book Soul To Soul Parenting . One of our favorite chapters among many was Oneness and Individuation.

In this chapter Annie shares this beautiful analogy:

"This analogy was taught to me by my spiritual mentors and is a great way to explain to children, in simple terms, the far-reaching concept of oneness. First, we have our children imagine the biggest, grandest birthday cake ever. We call it the Universe's Birthday Cake. On this cake, there are trillions of beautiful candles aglow with individual flames. The individual flames are all made of the same fire and come from the same source. Each flame represents an individual soul and the whole cake represents God. You see different aspects of the cake depending on your point of view. When you look at the cake from close up, you recognize all of its individual parts, but when you look at the birthday cake as a whole from a slightly different perspective, you can see the one powerful light that emanates from the cake. This all encompassing glow, which is the one true light shining so brightly from the cake, is God; and we, as the individual flames, are each as essential, unique part of the overall glow, that is the creator." ~ Annie Burnside, M.ED

Join us for our live chat with Annie Burnside M.ED This Thursday February 10th. 7:30 PM Eastern Time. Bring your questions, meet new parents and participate for a chance to win a prize. 

Our Live Chat Will Take Place Right Here On Our Blog In Our BlogFrog Community.

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