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Jul 15, 2010

2012-The Beginning Part Two

This is the second half to our first post called
2012-The Beginning Part One
We recommend reading the fist part then clicking the link to read the second half.

2012 -The beginning or the end?
Enjoy! Celebrate the end!
How can you begin the new chapter in your life if you don't celebrate or close the last chapter?
Humanity as a whole and or individually are closing this chapter in this universal book. Only to be starting the next chapter in humanities creation.

With every breath that you take there is a continuous process that is taking place. Each thought, feeling, footprint and action that takes place puts you right in the middle of the creation process. Honor this!
You are creating your own train track. You can remain in the eye of the hurricane as turmoil and old belief systems are crumbling around you.
You can choose to dance between the raindrops. There are those who came here at this time to experience this progressive shift, while some call this Armageddon some call this:
  • A new Earth
  • A new chapter in humanity.
  • A celebration
  • Raising of the collective consciousness.
We can choose to walk in this world with blindfolds on or eyes wide open.

Evidence is reality.

What does 2012 mean to you?
Do you have fears or worries surrounding 2012?
Are you passing on your fears and worries to your kids?
How are you creating your own train track?
Please feel free to comment and dialogue about what 2012 means to you.

Written by Stacy Toten & Carol Lawrence

Apr 20, 2010

2012 The Beginning..Part One

2012 The beginning-Part One

This is what 2012 is. A movement from what was to what is.
Children will absorb this in a way we do not understand, for it
will simply be their world. It would be ignorant to try and shield them of this change.

Many choose the old beliefs and cling to these beliefs.
There is no future there.
The future is armageddon for the old beliefs.
That is not the humanity that needs saving.
These things are what will save humanity.
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Harmony
  • Togetherness
Not life rafts and shelters.

Spread Joy!

The beginning has to come from the end of something.
It is said at this time many are angry.
This vibration is anchored in a decaying system that does not by evidence, proven does not foster what is needed for the future. Destroying is caused by disconnect from the creation.
Honor all and you will be involved in this creation from the trees to the animals to  your climate to your clan.
Find direction in this change. It is there.
  • Wisdom is in direction.
  • Direction is in purpose.
  • Purpose is in determination.
Which is the manifestation of thought. We feel this should be the center piece of life at this time.
For what is will not be. Change is constant.
As we always say follow your intuition!

Be sure to continue with 2012-The Beginning Part Two for the complete article.

Written by: Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence