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Aug 4, 2011

Review: Children's Spirit Animal Cards~Dr. Steven Farmer

Children's Spirit Animal Cards By: Dr. Steven Farmer with Jesseca Camacho. Published by Sitiama Publishing.

Anyone who reads our blog regularly knows how much we cherish our spiritual card decks and guidebooks.

We have utilized our decks for over twenty-five years and we add new ones as we feel drawn to a particular deck.

They come in all sorts of varieties.

These are just a few of our favorites. Dr. Steven Farmers Earth Magic Oracle Cards, Dr. Steven Farmer's Power Animal Card Deck, Doreen Virtue's Magical Messages From The Fairies, Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy, Carolyn Myss Archetype Cards, Words Of Wisdom For Women Who Do To Much By Annie Wilsom Schaef, Kryon Oracle Cards, Abraham Hicks Money Cards and Neale Donald Walsh's Conversations With God Card Deck.

On any given day you can walk into either of our homes, as our friends do and pick a card. We have baskets and glass bowls throughout our homes with different card decks in them. Whether we are having an off day, challenging day, searching for answers or just for fun we will reach in and pull out a card.