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Nov 21, 2020

Nature Communicates On A Different Frequency. Can you hear it?

Yesterday we took a stroll with Carol's granddaughters through the woods. We played on the swings, saw a fresh pile of bear scat, talked to the trees, picked out a few pine cones and had fun in nature. 

This moment captured in a pic is priceless. 

Nature does communicate, as does the spirit world, it’s just on another frequency. 

We (Carol & Stacy) share some of our personal experiences in our book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm and in a book we co-authored with 11 other women called Women On Purpose. Thirteen Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling

We've had the opportunity by tuning into the right frequencies to tap into a hive of bees, received messages from trees, downloads of ideas for our books, messages from spirit, guidance on how to handle a naked dripping wet man with a cast on his arm who showed up on Carol's doorstep, avoid car accidents and much more. These are just a few of the stories we share. 

There is a world outside of our 3D reality taking place all the time. It's up to us to be awake enough to receive incoming guidance, universal downloads and 5D realities. 


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A few Intentional Conscious Parenting Updates:
  • We'll be releasing our parenting book in print soon after the holidays. But you don't have to wait, you can download our Kindle ebook for .99 for a limited time. 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm makes a great gift for parents, grandparents and people looking for conscious parenting guidance. You can purchase and forward your Kindle gift on Amazon through the book link above. 

"The perfect addition to your conscious parenting toolbox. This book bridges the gap for those seeking to shift from traditional parenting to a more mindful present approach." ~ Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author and Clinical Psychologist

  • We will be launching our parenting course based on our book in 2021. We are super excited to share it with you. 
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Parenting With The Four Clairs

Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children, Carol and Stacy 

Jun 1, 2011

Cassandra's Angel (Book Review)

Cassandra's Angel
Written By: Gina Otto
Illustrated By: Trudy Joost

Parent's we are so excited to share with you our review of Cassandra's Angel. This beautiful children's picture book is a must-have in your conscious parenting library. This children's book is a perfect tool for reinforcing and building a strong foundation.

Cassandra's Angel is more than an ordinary rhyming story. It is a movement that Gina Otto is sharing throughout the world to empower young girls to truly learn the value of their own inner light and how to shine it brightly with their heads held high.