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Oct 5, 2011

Our Happy Birthday Letter To Louise Hay

Happy Birthday Louise Hay! Anyone who has followed Intentional Conscious Parenting knows how much we love Louise Hay. She is at the top of the list for women who have inspired and empowered us. 

In October 2010 we made it to a "You Can Heal Your Life Conference" in Seattle, Washington. It was a thrill to see Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton speak. We even had a special letter we wrote hand delivered to Louise thanking her for her life of service. (We hope she received it.)

Stacy Toten, Bruce Lipton, Carol Lawrence

Dear Louise, You can heal your life is a staple in both our households. Time and time again someone in our families including us would have an ailment and we would look it up on the list in your book. It was unbelievably accurate over and over again. Your list of physical ailments, the mental cause and an affirmation for creating a solution were exactly what we needed. You are a leader in the mind, body, spirit field. The legacy you have created will empower generations for lifetimes. We are very grateful for you setting us on a course of responsibility with our health and our thoughts. We truly enjoy listening to Hay House radio,