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Jan 3, 2014

Is Abundance A Mindset?

Abundance has been showing up on my radar today. I'm seeing references all over the place. On Facebook, in my inbox and on some of my favorite blogs. When you think or say the words "abundance" or "money" how does it make you feel? 

Does it make you feel excited, sad, frustrated or neutral? Money can have a vibrational charge to it depending on how we feel about it and what our core beliefs surrounding money are. 

If money seems elusive to you. I ask you to look deep within and find your blocks and clear out the clutter. Money flows in and out of our lives. Money is energy and carries it's own vibration. When you make peace with it, the flow is more consistent. 

You might be wondering what does abundance have to do with parenting? Well, here is my thoughts on that. When we clear our blocks with money the world opens up. Expansion happens and more ways of creating, manifesting and receiving are presented to us because we are no longer blocking the flow. Opportunities arrive out of nowhere? We can go more places, see and do more things. We can provide our children with what they need. We also can help more people. Look at the difference Oprah has made. If she never worked through her money blocks she would have taken a completely different path. The ripple effect she has created will continue long after she is gone. 

We pass on our money beliefs to our children through the words we speak and by our actions.