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Oct 9, 2012

Children's Book Review: Angel Archie To The Rescue!

Lisa Sheehy is so passionate about her part in taking care of mother nature that she has written a brand new children's book, Angel Archie To The Rescue. 

Angel Archie is calling upon the children of the earth to educate their parents on how to green up the world.

At this time on planet earth there is an impending need for all of us to step up and do our part in being stewards of the earth.  Lisa is so driven to teach children and their parents about how to go about this, she so eloquently put together a must read children's picture book. Her message shines through with clear and concise instructions on how this can be achieved.

Angel Archie is so full of love and inspiration you can not help but want to follow along with him and start to create your own inspired creative journey.

It appears that the children that are being born in this time period are coming in hard-wired with a knowing of how to take care of our planet. These children are very protective, connected and have a need to reduce, reuse and recycle.