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Jun 18, 2012

Yvonne Perry Has A Brand New Book Out!

In her latest book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience, author Yvonne Perry shares how she has integrated the accelerated frequencies of several quantum leaps she has taken on her spiritual path. Once she learned to manage the human experience of rapid spiritual transformation, she became active in working to anchor her light body and offering coaching to help others on their journey. You may learn more about Yvonne and her book at

Here is the back cover blurb for this amazing, life-changing book:
Do you feel like a misfit in your own life and body? Maybe you awoke from a strange dream too vivid not to be real. Have you survived a near-death experience, had an out-of-body occurrence, or dissociative episode? Others may have noticed how you’ve changed and say, “You act like a totally different person.” Inwardly, you may be confused, overly sensitive, or so anxious it feels as though your nervous system has been hooked to an electric power line.
What if a multidimensional form of yourself—from a realm of purer consciousness—would arrive to guide you through the challenging times we are facing? Perhaps your soul has already received a download from an ascended master. Might that explain the sudden changes you’ve experienced?
You may be one of the millions of people who are spiritually growing faster than your body can tolerate. What you are experiencing is a normal response known as ascension symptoms. Regardless of what has happened, you may need help integrating these higher frequencies that are now available to you.
Follow along on Yvonne Perry's Virtual Blog Tour.
Here is the tour schedule for Shifting into Purer Consciousness:
On Monday, June 18, Shelly Wilson (@consciousjourny on Twitter) will host the tour stop on her blog, Journey into Consciousness, with an article: “Embracing Divine Feminine Energy.”
On Tuesday, June 19, Pat Bertram will share a Q&A written interview with the author on Dragon My Feet blog:
On Wednesday, June 20, Shelly Wilson will host Yvonne as a guest on Journey to Consciousness Radio Show: .
On Thursday, June 21,   Barbara Techel (@joyfulpaws) shares a video clip and her book review for Shifting into Purer Consciousness on her blog:
On Friday, June 22, Carol Lawrence (@intuneparenting) hosts the tour on Social Media Help 4 U with an article titled “How Human Energy Affects the Earth.”
On Saturday, June 23, Janet Riehl (@riehlife) shares a video on her blog, Riehl Life.
On Sunday, June 24, Carl Bozeman (@CarlBozeman) opens the blog door at Spiritual Intuitionwhere he shares his book review for Shifting into Purer Consciousness.               
On Monday, June 25, Doreen Pendgracs (Twitter: @wizardofwords) will share an article about how Yvonne published her book. See Wizard of Words:
On Tuesday, June 26, Karen Gonzalez (@FolkheartPress) will present “Why Yvonne Wrote the Book” on her blog,
On Wednesday, June 27, Denise Demaras (@ddemaras) will share her review of Shifting into Purer Consciousness on her blog, Works in Process:
On Thursday, June 28, Alpha Chick Mal Duane (@alphachickbook) will share an article titled “Signs Indicating a Spiritual Awakening” on
On Friday, June 29, Lisa Molinelli (@bluedragonfly8) shares an article: “How to Shed Personal and Collective Structures and Belief Systems That No Longer Support the Highest Good of Humanity” on her blog, Empowering Minds.
On Saturday, June 30, Dr. Caron Goode (@Iamheartwise) shares a media release and an excerpt from the book on Live-Spirit.                              
On Sunday, July 01, Maxine Thompson (@Safari61751) will post her review of the book on her blog, She will also host Yvonne on Dr. Maxine Show.                                                     
On Monday, July 02, Irene Conlan (@ieconlan) will host Yvonne Perry on The Self Improvement Blog by presenting a review of Shifting into Purer Consciousness.
On Tuesday, July 03, Lynn Serafinn (Twitter IDs: @LynnSerafinn @SpiritAuthors and @GardenOfTheSoul) will interview Yvonne on Garden of the Soul Radio. She will also share her Q&A written interview.  See for details.
On Wednesday, July 04, Shelagh Jones (@SpiritusShelagh) runs an article in Spiritus Spiritual Marketing Directory about how Yvonne published her book.
On Thursday, July 05, Callie Carling (@moonpoppy) will share an article: “How to shed personal and collective structures and belief systems that no longer support the highest good of humanity.” Her blog is

Aug 15, 2011

Spirit, Mind & Body Parenting

Spirit, mind and body. We assume you've all heard this many times. There's a reason for this. Through-out history this has been spoken of because they do go hand in hand and complement each other. We are similar to the inner workings of a wristwatch, the intricacy and how all the parts need each other to properly function. The inner workings of a human and a wristwatch are very similar because we are multifaceted and require regular maintenance to function efficiently. Our spirit, mind and body all need to be properly maintained so we can function as our highest supraliminal selves, full of positive energy keeping us motivated through-out the rest of the summer.

Parenting in the summertime can come with many challenges. School is out, the kids are home all day and choices are being made by families. Some are scheduling vacations, summer camps, family reunions or summer school. Some children are happy staying home and playing with family and friends.
This is a beneficial time of the year to break away from day to day routines, connect with your children and reinforce your family’s spiritual tools and values. Any extra time a parent gets to spend with their child is irreplaceable. Treasure these priceless moments. Make the most of it!

Children are constantly absorbing their environment around them.
Whether you are on a family field trip at a local museum or taking a walk through the park, there is so much learning taking place. For instance, eighteen years ago our two families took our children to the local train station to witness the last trip of a very famous historical train as it made its final journey through Arizona before retiring to a museum. The cause and effect of this adventure is still spoken about by our grown children to this day. Going on explorations and field trips encourages children to use their imagination and to see the world from different points of view. Check your local newspaper for current events and family activities happening in your city.

Exposing your children to the arts and music field is like food for the soul. Their energy sky rockets from within and starts to bubble with ideas and visions of how they see the world at hand. The challenging part is to introduce them to all you can in this arena so they can find what they connect with or gravitate towards. They will let you know their likes and dislikes. Allow their individuality, sit back and watch them blossom.

Encourage your children to live outside the box. Demonstrate how to release stress and have fun by expressing themselves through a freedom dance. Have your children close their eyes and move their bodies to whatever feels natural to them. This is a harmonious way to connect to their inner selves.

By incorporating the use of daily affirmations you can help build your child’s self-esteem, instill confidence and build your child’s inner strength.
The discipline of taking control of our thoughts and shaping them with positive reinforcement can become a stupendous lifelong learning spiritual tool.

Have fun with this activity. Write affirmations with your children on poster board and place on bedroom walls. Place affirmations in your child’s lunch box. Write them on the bathroom mirror and say them out loud. We’ve even seen homes with affirmations painted on the living room walls. Have your child stand in front of a mirror and say; “I love myself”, “I love my body”, “I let my creativity flow” or “Studying comes easy to me.” Be creative and write affirmations that will benefit your children. Affirmations can be used to help create a sense of balance and Joy.

Written by: Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

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