Apr 14, 2010

An alternative viewpoint on autism!

  • Children with autism are very powerful beings on this planet.
  • They are here for a very specific purpose and are beginning to unveil that purpose.
  • They are teaching their parents how to be vibrational interpreters.
  • They are not flawed or inferior they are just different and misunderstood.
  • They are here to assist in this time of awakening.
  • They are very advanced, they can sometimes communicate without words. (when your dog hears/feels your thoughts about wanting to take him on a walk and then he runs over and touches his leash with his nose you don't think, wow he has learning issues or that he has something wrong with him. You think, "that's pretty cool you knew what i was thinking".
  • They connect on on an intuitive basis through thoughts and feelings. They are asking us to feel rather than to think.
  • They will be who they came here to be and will wait for the rest of us to catch up.
  • Children are old souls that come in with alot of capacity and lessons learned and to be learned.
  • They have much to teach us if we will take the time to listen and learn from them.
For a different take on Autism you might be interested in checking out this DVD.
DVD: The Autistic Revolution. Children in the time of the awakening!

When I was walking through a local bookstore the other day,
I was drawn to this book.It's another alternative view on what's
going on with the children of today.
    Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World                            
Tobin Hart interviewed more than 100 children
and adults about their spiritual experiences.
They share their experiences and their secret spiritual lives.

   The Secret Spiritual World of Children: The Breakthrough Discovery that Profoundly Alters Our Conventional View of Children's Mystical Experiences
One things for sure there are many different view points on autism, is it caused in utero? Is it from a nutritional deficiency? To much mercury or other toxins built up in their bodies? Or are they just simply here to teach us how to raise our vibrational levels and to help us shift into another way of being? I guess only time will tell.
Regardless they are depending on us to provide a place to grow and expand and become who they came here to be. It's up to us to believe and open up our minds to different ways of thinking.
As we always say: Follow your intuition.

If you are inspired to learn more about alternative views of autism be sure to check out the cutting edge work of Suzy Miller, founder of Blue Star Brilliance and author of AWESOMISM! A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.

Parents all over with autistic children are having great results working with color.
The Power Of Color.

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Written by: Carol Lawrence

Updated November 6, 2010


Anonymous said...

As one who was diagnosed with autism as a kid over four decades ago I can vouch for this. I was seeing spirits and other creatures from other dimensions as plainly as I would see you and I thought it was perfectly normal until I told mother who promptly scolded me for lying and stating "there are no such things as...." I couldn't understand why no one else was seeing/experiencing what I was....

BTW I still see creatures from other dimensions today on occasions. :)

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Dear Anonymous, I'm sure there were others that saw spirits and such but were to afraid to talk about it or conditioned not too. Sometimes parents mean well,if only they would put aside their own belief systems and listen to their children their worlds would really open up. Thank you so much for your post!

Queen of Trees Herbal said...

I really loved to read this... Thank you. Good Stuff.. Many Blessings to you and I'm happy to have found your blog.. Blessings.