Apr 5, 2010

Am I Not Adorable????

Our beautiful Maggie, because of her and millions of other precious babies out there is why we care and write and share our mind thoughts with society. We are their protectors. For they have no one else.

Their very life depends upon us . As parents and human beings, hopefully we feel the instinct and need to support the inner light of the children. It is a lifelong learning and teaching asset for both parent and child.

The old saying "to teach is to learn and to learn is to teach" is such a true statement.
They come here with a clean slate.
One of the most valuable assets we can give a child is what we put in there minds.

Examples of ways we affect them are :
  • By everything we do and say and teach them ,and our actions.
  • How we handle situations, If you are yelling or talking in a frightening voice it scares them every time. They will carry that through-out their childhood in their core belief system that they learned from childhood...be aware of your mood swings because they are living it right along with you.
  • Don't be naive to this fact it is a true statement. Ask any psychiatrist .They are feeling you and what you are doing and your emotions .
Believe me they are watching your every move. You are raising little geniuses dont be fooled by their size.
I beg you all to be aware of this to the best of your ability, you are the example If you want them to be the best they can be than you must give them the best of you.
Enjoy what you have what ever it is.
For you see, it is all a gift.
Written by: Stacy Toten

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The Redhead Riter said...

They see and remember everything. I can attest to that since my daughter will be turning 17 in a few days. They mimick what we do.

alicia said...

So true. Love the photo! Cracked me up. I'm a photo lover and stalker. Dropping in from SITS- a new follower.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Ladies, thanks for the validation.