May 7, 2010

Anatomy of Transformation: How to Change Your Life Forever...

Anatomy of Transformation: How to Change Your Life Forever...
By David Morelli

What if you could transform your problems into your solutions...would you do it?

We wrestle with our problems so much that they become almost like friends...almost to the point where we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.


We take our unimaginable potential and stuff it into blocks and beliefs and then we get caught up in our "problems". Here’s the thing, your problems aren’t you! You just need to get “you” out of your problems.

What do I mean?

The only "problem" is how to take your power out of blocks and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Your power (or life-force) is making the blocks or beliefs become your experience. Think about this limiting belief example..."Money is evil". If you have your power locked in this belief (consciously or unconsciously), you’ll make sure you get money as far away as possible. It sounds odd, but this is how your subconscious works.

However, when you take your power out of that belief, the belief itself becomes laughable! "What? Money is evil...ha, money actually supports me in fulfilling my purpose...and, wow, I can’t believe how effortless it's flowing in now."

What’s the point? Your power is in beliefs and blocks that disempower you in innumerable ways.

Does it need to be that way? No.

Here's what to do:

First, find ways to get your power back. What actions do you take in your life that energize and fill you up? Make these a priority.

Second, start empowering the beliefs that serve you. What beliefs are conducive to propelling you towards meeting what you most desire in life?

Third, ONLY AFTER STEP 1 & 2, start taking aligned actions with the new beliefs.

Forth, develop new habits that support the life you want to live.
Soon we’ll be offering a F*R*E*E live call to help you with these steps, but until then start getting your power back and making changes.

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Kelli Karanovich said...

Money is a necessary, useful, and empowering part of the human experience!!! This is one of my new mantras. Here I sit after doing an oracle reading for myself that told me to uncover my hidden limiting thought processes as I'm wonder why it is that I create financial blocks for myself. I've long understood the power of perception, but you've just given me a new way to think about it. I wasn't going deep enough into myself when it comes to money. See, I really am one of those people who have believed fundamentally that it is evil. Wow. No co-incidence that I found this link, to this particular entry, on this day, when for no apparent reason I decided to look at my CSL post on which you'd commented. :-) Hopefully, you could follow all that! Anyway, Thank you! :-)

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

That's awesome Kelli, when you trust the universe it will provide for you what you need. It takes effort for us to really look inside ourselves and examine our core beliefs and work on changing them. I hope you'll take advantage of the free 3 week course David is offering. I'm excited to take the course myself. We never stop learning!

Holly Renee said...

Great advice! I once unsure about money, thinking it might be evil. I now know it's not. Someone told me, "You can use the money for good or not. It's just another form of energy and how you use it is what makes it good or bad." Wow! That changed my whole perspective. I still have other beliefs that don't serve me, and this post reminded me to look into them. Thank you for that.