Jun 7, 2010

Intentional Conscious Parenting Blog Update.

Hello everyone, we now have an "Intentional Parenting" Facebook page.
We hope you will sign up as a Intentional Parenting facebook follower.
We also have added our new Intentional Conscious Parenting Ezine sign up on the right.

Thank you Melany, Adrian and Kynan for sharing your beautiful smiles and bright light with us! (Thank you parents for sharing your babies with us!)

Sign up for our Ezine to:
  • Keep in touch with us
  • Network with other people
  • Learn about new or upcoming children's books and authors we are excited to share with you.
  • Stay updated on our blog posts
  • Hear about our writing adventures
  • All new subscribers from the months of May and June will have a chance to win Louise Hay's new book. "Experience your good now"
  • See more cute baby photos.
Intentional Conscious Parenting Zazzle Store
Cute baby shirts, kids clothes and more.
It's a work in progress. Any great ideas please share.

We are currently waiting
to hear back from a
Literary Agent we feel
would be a perfect fit for us.

To be able to bring
our children's spiritual ABC picture book
to life to share with all of you is a dream of
ours and it will be a reality very soon.

Here are some great children's books we recommend.
You can find more in our Intentional Parenting Amazon Store.
(Link to store located on right side of blog posts)

Thanks to everyone who reads our blog and is part of our wonderful life adventure!
You rock we couldn't do it with out you.

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