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Jun 16, 2018

Teething With Amber Necklaces

Amber Teething Necklaces

Teething With Amber Necklaces

I knew that when I became a mother, I wanted to take the most natural route as possible. I didn't want to fix something that wasn't broken, so to speak, and did as much research as I could to ensure that was the case. When my baby was born, I did an all natural delivery with no drugs so that my newborn wouldn't be dazed and confused.

They would be awake, they would be alert, and we could bond during those precious few hours. I knew that I wanted the rest of his childhood to be the same way. I had done research while I was pregnant on no vaccinations and knew that I would do homeopathic remedies for the common colds. I even registered for Baltic amber necklaces.
Baltic amber is not a new cure but has recently caught traction in modern parenting due to its effectiveness in not only teething tots but in adults suffering from chronic joint and muscle pain, women who endure awful menstrual cramps, people who have compromised immunity and want to naturally strengthen it, and even people who are suffering from mild mood disorders.
This is due to the succinic acid that's found in the sap of the conifer trees found in the region near the Baltic Sea. Succinic acid has recently been dubbed as Nature's Ibuprofen by scientists who study amber and its medicinal benefits.
After reading everything that I did about Baltic amber and how it not only works as a cure for teething babies but adults suffering from pain caused by inflammation, I decided to purchase an amber baby teething necklace for each family member. When buying amber, you'll notice that you can either purchase a raw or polished stone. If you're buying a necklace for your child, I would suggest buying a polished bead of a lighter color.

Mar 30, 2017

Children Learn To Mimic The Vibration Of The Adults Who Surround Them

"You cannot speak or offer action without thought-vibration occurring at the same time; however, you are often offering words or action. Children or babies learn to mimic the vibration of the adults who surround them long before they learn to mimic their words." 
~ Abraham Hicks

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Feb 24, 2015

Babies Have An Emotional Guidance System Too!

"People often incorrectly assume that since the baby cannot speak, it could not be creating its own reality, but that is not the case. Even those who do have language are not creating through words, but through thoughts. Your babies are thinking when they are born, and before they are born they are vibrationally aware. Their vibrational frequencies are immediately aware. Their vibrational frequencies are immediately affected by the vibrations that surround them in their birth environment, but there is no need to worry about them, for they, like you, were born with an Emotional Guidance System. ~ Abraham-Hicks

Quote from the Health, and the Law of Attraction Cards: A 60-Card Deck, plus Dear Friends card.

Aug 14, 2013

Help Your Baby Rest Peacefully

Many parents-to-be are blissfully unaware of the challenges that come with getting your baby to sleep. Naturally, the majority are not even thinking about how they will approach this and probably have a dreamy image of laying their baby in their crib to fall asleep peacefully. Experienced parents know that is not the typical situation and were quite surprised by how overwhelming sleep time can be.  If the topic of sleep was brought up to soon to be parents before they need to make the decision of how they will get their baby to sleep, it would be most helpful for all involved, especially the baby. This way future parents can consider options and come to a non-sleep deprived decision. For parenting to be the most rewarding experience it can be, the important decisions for your kids should be based on your own intuition and enough research to feel confident that you will have no regrets.

Jan 14, 2012


New moms and dads spend a lot of time trying to interpret their babies actions and determine what was a reaction based on sheer coincidence and what was a reaction because of something they said or did. You can always tell when a new parent believes that something happened based on what they did in the knowing head nod and accompanying smile saying “yes – that just happened because I said xyz… my baby knows what’s up!”
However, it can be hard to judge when a baby responds to something because they were able to actually distinguish a certain noise or voice or if they responded simply because they saw something out of the corner of their eye or they just were hungry or fussy at the same moment as someone said or did something.
These days, when children are born in a traditional hospital setting, infants get their hearing tested before they even leave the hospital to ensure that everything is progressing the way it should be and diagnose any potential hearing problems early on. So what is it that babies really hear and recognize first?
  1. Sounds around them before their born - The whole concept of pregnancy is a fascinating one – there is a tiny human growing inside of you and everything that is going on in and around you is impacting them in some way. Doctors have been able to determine that as early as 21 weeks into a pregnancy babies are beginning to hear sounds occurring outside the womb. Since each surrounding is different, the first sounds they hear are different too – whether it’s the voices of you and your husband or your other children running around playing loudly – these all are things your baby has begun to store into their sound knowledge.
  2. Nearby noises - Any louder sounds that are happening close to your baby will cause them to react in the first month home. They may not respond to noises that are farther away from them, so there’s no need to be concerned if they don’t react right away.

Feb 27, 2011

Empathic Babies, Children and Teens

Empathic Babies, Children, and Teens

By Yvonne Perry
Empathy is what makes other people matter to us and reminds us to acknowledge the people around us as we understand and share their feelings.  Empathy exists in early mother-infant bonding. Even before birth, a baby in the womb is sensitive to the mother’s feelings, whether positive, neutral, or negative. Once born, a baby shows receptivity to both parents’ anger, tension, and depression, as well as their caring, responsiveness, and love. 

You’ve probably noticed how they imitate your facial expressions, smiling in response to your smile. They also may cry if they hear another baby cry. This type of response is a step in the development of empathy and the ability to share the feelings of another person.
Babies absorb the mental and emotional energy of the people around them. They don’t filter anything; they simply receive. As a child ages, this empathic tendency may increase and get out of control. Some children pick up the emotions, energy, or thoughts of others to the degree that it becomes overwhelming and interrupts the development of their social and emotional life. 

Because these children do not know how to set personal boundaries (or that they need to), they do not realize when they are in another person’s mental or emotional space, much less how invasive this can be to that person. It can also lower the child’s own vibrational level.
An empath is sensitive to what is obvious as well as unseen things such as ghosts and the thoughts, emotions, and illnesses they sense around them. Empaths may get hunches, see mental pictures, hear voices, or have a gut feeling that supplies hidden information about people and situations. They may also get a physical sensation in their body that lets them know where another person is afflicted or suffering.
You may have heard of Indigo Children or Crystal Kids who have intuitive gifts that surprise or even astound adults. These empathic children easily pick up on the feelings and thoughts of adults and others as they unconsciously reach into human and spirit energy fields to gather information and understand things around them. Seeing with their spiritual eyes, feeling with their spiritual senses, hearing with their spiritual ears, they may give information about a past life, tell of events before they happen, see ghosts, or know something about another person or situation that no one else does. Today, as many as one in four children have this ability and are tuned into the higher frequency all the time.

Jun 7, 2010

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