Oct 28, 2010

The Power of color.

I've been thinking a lot about color and how we use color in our lives.
We paint our walls pretty colors, buy ourselves beautiful colorful flowers and pick out our favorite colorful clothes. 

Colors are everywhere. What you may not know is that colors have a purpose. 

Each color emits it's own vibrational frequency. Children sense this and use this to their advantage. 

They'll request a certain color of shirt to wear, use specific colors when they draw, color or paint. They have favorite colors they want to be surrounded by. 

We recently just added a new page on colors, some of their meanings and how you can incorporate using colors intentionally with your children . 

Learn more about  The Power Of Color.

How  does your family purposely use color. Do your children have specific requests, play certain games, use color to sooth or comfort themselves. If you have more suggestions for our Power Of Color page please email us or leave a comment.

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As we always say. Follow your intuition!

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Written by: Carol Lawrence


Annette said...

I'm going to check out your color page right now! I agree that colors do have meanings. I also agree that surrounding ourselves with our favorite colors does emit an energy and create a feeling/space of calm and happiness. I love blue...it always puts me at peace :)

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hi Annette, I love blue too! I'm especially drawn to pink, purple and yellow.
~ Carol

Betsy @ Zen Mama said...

Each house we've lived in has had a beautiful blue color that came from a trip we had in France. But my favorite color is green because I love to garden! Great post!