Oct 9, 2010

We Won An Award!

Thank You Patricia Timms from the wonderful blog Simplicity in Volumes for giving us the "One Lovely Blog Award"
It is such a lovely award.
We are so honored you passed it onto us!
It is so Pretty!

Now to pass it on. 
Here are 15 inspiring, creative, imaginative blogs that we feel deserve the "One Lovely Blog Award"


Some are old. Some are new. Some are looking for new friends just like you!

1. Keepin It Here. Created by Loretta D Boranat. Loretta is a mother of 4 and is a creator of a doll program called my pal and my sibling dolls

(My Sibling® dolls have siblings with developmental disabilities. Each doll comes with a story so that children can read and learn about others who grow up differently than they do.)

She provides work experiences to older (teens) students who have developmental disabilities - they dress and accessorize her dolls. 

2. Mama Lounge is a blog written by Ly Nguyen. Ly has been published in in the San Fransisco Chronicle, Chocolate For A Woman's Soul Anthology, Oakbook and Nha Magazine.

3. Robin Hill Quilts has a home away from home feel to it. Robin's blog has gorgeous country photos. She is a long arm quilter and loves showing off her talent!

4. Why Meditate is a relatively new blog that features ideas and advice on healing, spiritual growth and meditation. 

5. Writes with feathers  is written by Anne C Watkins. Anne is an animal lover and a contributing editor for Pet Age magazine. Anne has numerous writing credits, including ghost writing and freelance editing. Sign up to be one of her newest followers.

6. Whole Food Kids is a blog full of healthy, and we mean healthy recipes. Whole food kids is a blog that is devoted to good nutrition for our worlds future. 

7. Toby and Max Jewelry  Who doesn't like jewelry right? Sandy Comstock makes the coolest bracelets and jewelry that speaks to the heart. She likes to hide hidden words on the inside. Great specialized gift for the hard to buy for person or teen. For every third item sold in October Sandy is making a donation to breast cancer research. This month She features a "I am a survivor cuff bracelet, Bless this womans neck tag and "Warrior" I am strong cuff bracelet. She has a wide selection at her Toby and Max store.

8. The Party Animal is the place to go when your planning your next children's birthday party! Cupcakes, treats, games and crafts. It's all in one spot for your convenience. Need inspiration for your next party look no further! 

9. The Holistic Health Maven  features great articles on loving yourself, affirmations, health, wellness, integrated medicine and so much more. We feel right at home at The Holistic Health Maven. A. Leigh Edwards is a big fan of Hay House Publishing created by Louise L. Hay just like we are!

10. Life In A Week is blog full of great advice on how to be really happy! Michael Shawn Keller reminds you how to make the best of every day and have fun doing it! 

11. Aspiring Domestic Goddess Mommy is for all the Goddesses out there working hard raising your children, taking care of your pets and trying to be the best Goddess you can be.

12. Kelly's Lucky You sponsors all kinds of contests and giveaways. Try your luck today!

13. Moms Best Bets features the very best ideas and products to live naturally with a whole lot of style. 

14. And Then There Were Four  It's always fun to read blogs from other countries. And then there were four is written by a mother of four kids, two of them being twins. Christine Tait Lees shares her stories from Australia.    

15. Intuitive Parenting For Intuitive Kids is a timely resource for raising the children of today. Provides practical guidelines for nurturing children's intuitive nature. Great topics!

Did you know we have a blog about nature, pets and the environment. Check it out here. Incredible Creatures At Home And In The Wild. 
(Book Review and Giveaway of "The Lost Dogs" The story about the investigation and what happened to the Michael Vick dogs. A truly inspiring heartfelt book written by Jim Gorant. 

As we always like to say "Follow your intuition." Thank you for reading our blog and supporting our writing adventures.
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Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten


Michael Shawn Keller said...

Thank You so much for a blogging award! I LOVE IT! I feel the same way you do...just write what you believe!! Have a fun week
Mike Keller

MultipleMum said...

Ooooh! Squeeeee!!! Many thanks for the Award ladies. I truly appreciate it. I don't normally do memes, but as I am in the 'show your readers some love' stage of the B2SB2B challenge at KludgyMom's I may make an exception. Stay tuned... xx

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Thank you so very much for this award. You made my day! :)

Sandy said...

Good morning, what a lovely thing to wake up to!! Thank you so much for including me in the list of inspiring and creative blogs! You two are the best! I don't know how awards are given (having never received one!!) so this just made my day.

I also have new designs available now and they are so new they are not even on the website. 2 of them are for the mommy & me collections and one is "for the dogs"!! Perfect for your readers huh!!!
Thank you again, I wrote much more than I had planned. Need to get back to my coffee now.
xoxoxoxo Sandy
www.SandyBeginsHerAdventures.blogspot.com you may not know about this one, my travel blog, I am in Panama right now!!

*Mom's Best Bets said...

Mahalo and Thank-you for mentioning Mom's Best Bets!
I have been reading through your blog-interesting information. I will sure to visit again:)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I am so touched!! I can hardly wait to pass it on to more deserving blogs. Yours certainly deserved it. It's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful...How nice to wake up on a Sunday morning to receive an award! Thank you so much for the "Lovely Blog Award." I feel honored:) It's so wonderful to meet moms of like mind.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful surprise and joy to receive this blog award. Thank you also for you work and commitment. Together, we can make a huge difference!

Caron Goode

carol l mckenna said...

Hey ~ So glad to see a conscious parenting group ~ children are our future & getting the message out there is so important and you are doing so ~ thanks also for stopping by my blog ~ namaste