Dec 30, 2010

Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-term Sterility

New research findings coming out of Russia are linking GMO's to long term sterility and bizarre physiological side effects! 

Here's an interesting interview with Jeffrey Smith, author of bestseller Seeds of Deception.

What choices do you make to impact the food market?

Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-term Sterility

What are your thoughts on Genetically Modified Organisms?

I'm a firm believer in moderation of anything and I don't think we have to eat 100% healthy nor should we fear our food. I do think that choices are being made that have huge impacts and influences on our food with out giving us the choice. Our health is at stake. It's up to us to become informed and educated on what is taking place surrounding food in our countries. It's up to us to demand change and it's up to us to put our money where our conscious is. In other words by the way we shop, how we spend our dollars we have great influence. 

There are some wonderful books and movies out that are very informative. 
I recently watched the future of food. 
This movie will update you on the race to patent and buy out every seed out there. The terminator seed that destroys itself so it cannot grow crops a second season. The Monopoly of Monsanto, the deception and control that is taking place. Big corporations are bullying small time farmers. I think if everyone really knew what was going on those that weren't influenced by greed would demand significant changes. 

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~ Carol Lawrence


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sheila said...

Yuck! This stuff scares the hell out of me. The hubs and I were watching the news yesterday and they were talking about strawberrys and how the cold snap has affected them... and that the hope is that 'they can genetically modify' the berry so that they will be readily available. In the same breath they were raving about a brand of grape that is packed with something great for us and they went on about how wonderful it would be to genetically modify these to pack a health benefit.

We both looked at each other in shock. I don't understand WHY we have to modify any food! It's CRAZINESS!!! I couldn't agree more with anything you have said here. I hadn't heard of the Russian study but I believe it!

Hope you had a great and NOT genetically modified new year! :)

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hi Sheila thanks for commenting. GMO's are scary! People really need the facts not the controlled media backed by billion dollar companies.
I can't believe that's there solution to mother nature. I think every community should start their own seed banks. Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Im not a big fan of what Monsanto is doing to the crops out there no wonder why Josh doesn't fancy corn too often its the Monsanto monopoly ruining it for him no more GMO's!

Maddox Muay Thai said...

Another great movie that covers this topic well is Food Inc. A must see for all who eat food!