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Jan 19, 2013

Here's a Healthy Chart ~ Eating Organic Vs Conventional Eating.

I was reading an article on All Things Healing about eating Conventional vs Organic. I try and eat organic as much as possible when I can. What i found most interesting in the article at All Things Healing is these statistics.

"An interesting thing to note is the three countries that eat the most organic foods. Per capita, they are Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. According to the CIA World Factbook, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria are all in the top 25 percent ranking of countries with the highest life expectancies, with all three ahead of the United States. In a 2012 study by Bloomberg, Switzerland ranked as the fourth healthiest country in the world. These could be coincidences, of course, but lend more credence to the benefits of buying organic."

One thing the article didn't really touch on is the terrible environmental impact eating the traditional way has.

For me eating healthy is a priority but doing my part to lessen my footprint, by not putting toxic chemicals down the drain, etc are just as important as eating healthy. I hope you will stop by All Things Healing and read their article The Benefits Of Organic Vs Conventional Food By Brandi, pin this info graphic and leave a comment about how you feel about the comparison. 

Do you eat organic foods? What organic foods are the most important part of your diet? What about your children? Are you teaching them the difference between the two when you are shopping? Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting our blog. We really appreciate you and are here to support you on your parenting path. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected (located on the right), also join us on Facebook. Oops I almost forgot to mention. Did you know we (Carol & Stacy) are assisted editors for the Family and Parenting community at All Things Healing. Be sure to visit our community there as well for some great parenting articles, videos and more!

Namaste, Carol Lawrence

Mar 22, 2012

Rob Herring Questions What's Inside Our Food

When Stacy and I first saw this video on All Things Healing we knew we had to share it with you. Great lyrics with an incredible message. Our food supply is so important. Nutritious healthy food for ourselves and our kids are the goal. No more GMO's
Enjoy!! Your gonna love it. ~ Carol

Jan 23, 2012

270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto | Grow Switch Blog

Go Farmers!
It's so important we reserve our right to grow healthy untainted organic food. This is an informative article. If you are unfamiliar with the war against the future of our food you need to see this.
270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto | Grow Switch Blog: 'via Blog this'

Apr 5, 2011

Getting back to the basics

"We have to get back to basics on an individual basis first, and as a community second."

"Prior to the existence of patented seeds, since the dawn of agriculture, until ten years ago, farmers collected seed from their harvests and replanted without having to purchase them annually. Otherwise they are liable for patent infringement." ~ Odysseus 
(Referring to the take over of our food supply by GMO's)

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Dec 30, 2010

Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-term Sterility

New research findings coming out of Russia are linking GMO's to long term sterility and bizarre physiological side effects! 

Here's an interesting interview with Jeffrey Smith, author of bestseller Seeds of Deception.

What choices do you make to impact the food market?

Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-term Sterility

What are your thoughts on Genetically Modified Organisms?

I'm a firm believer in moderation of anything and I don't think we have to eat 100% healthy nor should we fear our food. I do think that choices are being made that have huge impacts and influences on our food with out giving us the choice. Our health is at stake. It's up to us to become informed and educated on what is taking place surrounding food in our countries. It's up to us to demand change and it's up to us to put our money where our conscious is. In other words by the way we shop, how we spend our dollars we have great influence. 

There are some wonderful books and movies out that are very informative. 
I recently watched the future of food. 
This movie will update you on the race to patent and buy out every seed out there. The terminator seed that destroys itself so it cannot grow crops a second season. The Monopoly of Monsanto, the deception and control that is taking place. Big corporations are bullying small time farmers. I think if everyone really knew what was going on those that weren't influenced by greed would demand significant changes. 

As always thanks for reading our blog.
~ Carol Lawrence


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