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Feb 16, 2017

11 Habits That Lead To A Healthier, Happier You!

In these busy times, we need to make sure to take time out for ourselves. When we are happy, we reflect our happiness outwards to all those around us helping to create a healthier happier world!

1) Before falling asleep each night, think about what you are thankful and grateful for that day. Visualize what you want your following day to look like. You would be amazed at how well this works for creating a calmer more balanced life.

Jun 4, 2015

“No, I won’t! Homeopathy and Temper Tantrums

Guest Article by  Joette Calabrese, HMC,CCH,RSHom 

Are temper tantrums a fact of life in your household?
The cantankerous two year-old. 
The confrontational teenager.  
But what if tantrums were actually beneficial?
Sounds peculiar that such behavior could be considered valuable, doesn’t it? 

Well, temper tantrums are indicators that something is out of balance, not only behaviorally, but probably physiologically.  And since symptoms are the key to choosing the proper homeopathic remedy, then this aberrant behavior can actually become useful in addressing the underlying cause.

Jan 19, 2013

Here's a Healthy Chart ~ Eating Organic Vs Conventional Eating.

I was reading an article on All Things Healing about eating Conventional vs Organic. I try and eat organic as much as possible when I can. What i found most interesting in the article at All Things Healing is these statistics.

"An interesting thing to note is the three countries that eat the most organic foods. Per capita, they are Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. According to the CIA World Factbook, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria are all in the top 25 percent ranking of countries with the highest life expectancies, with all three ahead of the United States. In a 2012 study by Bloomberg, Switzerland ranked as the fourth healthiest country in the world. These could be coincidences, of course, but lend more credence to the benefits of buying organic."

One thing the article didn't really touch on is the terrible environmental impact eating the traditional way has.

For me eating healthy is a priority but doing my part to lessen my footprint, by not putting toxic chemicals down the drain, etc are just as important as eating healthy. I hope you will stop by All Things Healing and read their article The Benefits Of Organic Vs Conventional Food By Brandi, pin this info graphic and leave a comment about how you feel about the comparison. 

Do you eat organic foods? What organic foods are the most important part of your diet? What about your children? Are you teaching them the difference between the two when you are shopping? Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting our blog. We really appreciate you and are here to support you on your parenting path. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected (located on the right), also join us on Facebook. Oops I almost forgot to mention. Did you know we (Carol & Stacy) are assisted editors for the Family and Parenting community at All Things Healing. Be sure to visit our community there as well for some great parenting articles, videos and more!

Namaste, Carol Lawrence

Sep 14, 2010

Warmhearted Wednesday!

Have you heard of HeartMath?


For more than 18 years, HeartMath has made significant contributions to both the scientific and practical understanding of the physiology of stress, heart-brain interactions and performance. This research has led to the creation of the Award winning emWave Personal Stress Reliever® and emWave® Desktop (works on both Mac & PC).

Helps create 
  • A Greater Well Being
  • Mental Clarity
  • Relief From Stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves Performance
  • Experience A More Balanced Life

    I've heard great things about the benefits of HearthMath but I have never used it personally.
    I would very much appreciate any feedback from anyone who has.
    Please share with us what you think of it and how well does it work.
    I know on Facebook there's a video showing promising work using Emwave with Rwandan Orphans.