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Jan 19, 2013

Here's a Healthy Chart ~ Eating Organic Vs Conventional Eating.

I was reading an article on All Things Healing about eating Conventional vs Organic. I try and eat organic as much as possible when I can. What i found most interesting in the article at All Things Healing is these statistics.

"An interesting thing to note is the three countries that eat the most organic foods. Per capita, they are Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. According to the CIA World Factbook, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria are all in the top 25 percent ranking of countries with the highest life expectancies, with all three ahead of the United States. In a 2012 study by Bloomberg, Switzerland ranked as the fourth healthiest country in the world. These could be coincidences, of course, but lend more credence to the benefits of buying organic."

One thing the article didn't really touch on is the terrible environmental impact eating the traditional way has.

For me eating healthy is a priority but doing my part to lessen my footprint, by not putting toxic chemicals down the drain, etc are just as important as eating healthy. I hope you will stop by All Things Healing and read their article The Benefits Of Organic Vs Conventional Food By Brandi, pin this info graphic and leave a comment about how you feel about the comparison. 

Do you eat organic foods? What organic foods are the most important part of your diet? What about your children? Are you teaching them the difference between the two when you are shopping? Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting our blog. We really appreciate you and are here to support you on your parenting path. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected (located on the right), also join us on Facebook. Oops I almost forgot to mention. Did you know we (Carol & Stacy) are assisted editors for the Family and Parenting community at All Things Healing. Be sure to visit our community there as well for some great parenting articles, videos and more!

Namaste, Carol Lawrence

Dec 22, 2011

Tips For Holiday Thrival By Nadine N.D., C.N.S

Tips for Holiday Thrival
(part of theEating with Purpose series)
Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

A warm and festive Hello to each of you during this season of JOY
and PEACE. It can also be a season filled with land mines if we are
not present, and aware to make choices that serve us. During this
time of celebration,.we have the opportunity to gift each other with
self care. That self-care comes in the form of setting healthy
boundaries. When we set healthy boundaries around food, we allow
others to explore their own needs so that we are each taking
ownership for our health and well-being. Here are a few ways in
which you can claim ownership while making empowering choices
during this festive season.

  • Pre-Plan your events: When you plan for an event, or meal, you have a structure to follow. One suggestion is to eat clean Monday through Friday so you can enjoy that one splurge meal on Friday night or Saturday. Then get right back to your structure the very next meal.
  • Follow the 90/10 rule! Your body will respond to what you do 90 percent of the time. So one meal 'off' a scheduled program will not hurt you. Two meals 'off' will not hurt you. However having only one healthy meal a day will have detrimental effects on your progress.
  • Notify your hostess or restaurant of any Wheat, Dairy, Nut or Soy allergies so they can better serve your needs.
  • Ask for what you want in the restaurant rather than simply selecting off the choices provided within in the menu. As an example you can say “I would like 4 ounces of grilled salmon with two cups of steamed broccoli with no butter or salt added and a half a cup of rice.
  • You can request your salad dressing be provided on the side. Remember this is about owning your nutritional needs.
  • If the meal it at an awkward time
  • Eat before you go. You can have a large salad with others, add some lean meat if you desire. Bottom line.
  • DO NOT ARRIVE HUNGRY this will only lead to over eating then over groaning.
  • If you are eating in a buffet style get-together, walk the entire food line before putting anything on your plate. Choose 2-3 items you would like to explore then put a small portion (tablespoon) of that item on your plate. You can always go back for more if you enjoyed it.
  • Use a salad plate rather than a dinner plate at the buffet.
  • Drink a glass of room temperature water before starting your meal. The water will aid your digestion and notify you sooner that you really are satisfied/full.
  • Put your fork down between bites. Use smaller fork.
  • Throw away your plate when you are finished eating. This will remove temptation of hand to mouth disease.
  • Choose water or club soda with a twist of lime if you are at a group gathering where alcohol is being served. You do not have to have alcohol. Most folks simply want to make sure that you are OK...So if you are walking around with a club soda with a twist of lime or something similar you will most likely be left alone. Another consideration for alcohol is that it tends to turn your head towards high fat, high sodium and high sugared foods. By keeping to a club soda you will stick with your PLAN!!!
  • Enjoy the conversation as you are eating. BE PRESENT!! BE CONSCIOUS!!

The never ending Office Cookie Plate ~ I used to laugh when I'd go into the conference room, see the table loaded with junk food, and listen to everyone complaining about gaining 30 pounds with grazing. With all that sugar in the body, not much work got done later either, but what to do with all that FOOD???

  • Make a suggestion for all the food be placed in ONE spot, preferably a place you will not see or smell. Most over eating is a head game. If you can't see it, you won't want it. It is that simple.
  • Suggest there be only ONE day for excess food.
  • When you do eat the food, keep it to one room. Avoid taking it to your desk. That will only lead to mindless eating.