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Oct 12, 2011

Thanks Bill King For Sponsoring Our All Star Chat!

Join in on our October 18th All-Star Live Chat and win!

All our past guest authors have been invited back for an all star evening. Join in on the fun and see what they've all been up to lately. Ask your writing or parenting questions.

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Apr 27, 2011

Thank you Odysseus for joining us all the way from Greece!

Thank you Odysseus for joining us all the way from Greece! 
Your words of wisdom were inspiring and heartfelt. Your book Papa's Tribal Cafe': A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors is a must have for parents raising children on a spiritual path.

If you missed the live chat with Odysseus you can catch up anytime by reading our live chat recap available in our Parenting Blogfrog Community. Link attached below.

Thank you to everyone who joined in our latest live chat. Winners will be contacted through email!

Our next live chat will be with Yvonne Perry author of several books including her latest Who's Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom From The Thoughts, Feelings, And Energy Of Those Around You.

Does everyone call you with their problems, prayer and healing requests? Yvonne's book teaches you how to set boundaries, raise your vibration and how to offer compassion without paying a personal price.
Learn techniques to shield yourself from unwanted energy.
Join us as we welcome Yvonne for a live chat on Tuesday May 10th at 9 PM Eastern. 

Live chat with Odysseus all the way from the Greek Island Kos!

Odysseus is the author of Papa's Tribal Cafe: A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors.
Papa's Tribal Cafe: A Single Parent's Guide to Nurturing Rainbow Warriors

This remarkable book is a deeply insightful and supportive living tool for single parents pursuing an integral path dedicated to the nurturing of courageous, compassionate children who are strong, loving and adaptable enough to lead others during a time of exponential change.
Perfect timing for the challenge at hand as we shift and move together with our planet into a new way of being!
Date: Thursday April 21
Time: 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain,  6 PM Pacific
Fun & Prizes!
Learn more about Odysseus at his blog
Conscious Parenting/Nurturing Rainbow Warriors

Apr 5, 2011

Getting back to the basics

"We have to get back to basics on an individual basis first, and as a community second."

"Prior to the existence of patented seeds, since the dawn of agriculture, until ten years ago, farmers collected seed from their harvests and replanted without having to purchase them annually. Otherwise they are liable for patent infringement." ~ Odysseus 
(Referring to the take over of our food supply by GMO's)

Papa's Tribal Cafe': A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors
Join us for a live online free chat with Odysseus April 21st 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain and 6 PM Pacific. ~ Prizes~

Apr 2, 2011

Papa's Tribal Cafe': A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors

Papa's Tribal Cafe' is a very timely published manual for our ever evolving world. 

Odysseus shares his spiritual journey raising his son as a single parent. 
He profoundly provides parents the tools to raise and nurture their rainbow warriors.

Odysseus shares empowering techniques and in depth wisdom on how to instill within the children a deep connection to our planet, each other, the purpose and importance of growing nutritious food, ideas on teaching the expansion of self through dreams, dance, exercise, journaling, artwork and most importantly learning the importance of being able to trust the process of life.

Powerful quotes & words of wisdom permeate throughout Papa's Tribal Cafe'

If your parenting goals include teaching your children about:
  • Honesty, honor and truth
  • Learning how to trust an inner knowing that help is always on the way
  • The power of our breath
  • The future of our food, GMO's and how to take back control of our food supply
  • Helping your child balance their energy so that they are healthy, flexible, receptive and focused
Then this is the parenting book for you!
Papa's Tribal Cafe': A Single Parent's Guide To Nurturing Rainbow Warriors is a must read for everyone raising children in these ever changing, turbulent, magnificent times!

Odysseus's personal dolphin encounter will shower your soul with gratitude!

Join us for our live author chat online with Odysseus April 21st 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific

If you have any questions about our blog, our blogfrog community, our live chats,
send us an email.

Thanks for reading our blog and supporting the inner light of the children.

Sponsors and Prizes:
Blessed Elements Going Going Green ~ Handcrafted Green Man Necklace
Hay House No Excuses! Children's Picture Book By Wayne Dyer
Two copies of Papa's Tribal Cafe' By Odysseus

Mar 23, 2011

Perspective And The Front Lawn By: Odysseus

The idea of being a guest blogger ignited my thinking around the idea of perspective and how important diverse and expansive perspective are to both growing children and growing parents.
Having lived my entire childhood, my youth, and most of my adult life in America, I feel a strong connection to all things American.  For better or worse. everything from baseball and beer commercials, two-party politics and ex-Monsanto executives serving as Supreme Court Justices to Native American "reservations' and ancient Redwoods, Nat King Cole and Nirvana, my psyche is saturated in Americanisms.

More recently, the smoothie of my consciousness has been enriched by some new perspectives.   My son Phoenix and I have lived the last five years on an agricultural Greek Island.   Here my ancestors, famous for their strides in the Maths, Sciences, Philosophy and the Arts, and on this particular island healing and medical insights, our perspective has expanded. The shift of perspective that a connection to my roots and a view of the USA from the outside has offered has been enlightening and instructional on many levels.

As a suburban teenager growing up in a typical white-picket fence, two-car garage community, mowing and watering the lawn in the spring and summer and raking and bagging the leaves to be discarded with the trash in the fall, were not only part of my weekly chores, but became a way of earning money, as I went to work for a friend's lawn care business.  In those days the thought that row after row of manicured grass lawns just might represent an enormous waste of resources, was not yet even in the germination stage of my conscious thinking.

Here on the Island of Kos, in the Aegean Sea, the only grass fields are the ones cultivated for playing football(or soccer as it is known to Americans).  The typical home here is surrounded by olive, orange, lemon and pomegranate trees and likely has grape vines somewhere on the porch or terrace.  Once spring comes, whatever front or back yards locals have, no matter how small or big, are turned into farming space.  With the first day of Spring a week away, I have been spending the last week starting seven different kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, some rare green beans passed on from the Cherokee (pre-America) nation,  lots of watermelons and cantaloupes. Greens and herbs I will sow directly into the Earth in the next couple of weeks.  

This photo, is not me as a suburban American teenager, but my son Phoenix before a traditional Greek dance performance.....