Dec 22, 2010

Green Man Craft By Guest Author Grace From Blessed Elements

This craft is about Green Men. Green men are wonderful sculptures that have appeared in several cultures. This is a simple green man craft that can lead you and your child to explore their history and artists creations throughout time.
A great way to introduce your child to art is through crafts. Not only does our craft time provide fun and creativity but it also opens up an opportunity to learning. Learning is much more fun for a child when they don't know they are learning.

  • Green construction paper
  • Markers , Crayons, colored pencils and/ or colored chalk (I used colored glitter glue to add some sparkle).
  • Scissors
  • Template (provided)
  • I traced my green man leaf on a cereal box so I could keep the template and it also seemed to make it easier for the children to trace it on to their construction paper. Green Man Project
  • Take the template of the leaf and lay it on top of the construction paper and trace around it.
  • Take a marker or crayon and draw around the trace lines to make it easier to see when cutting.
  • Take scissors and cut out the pattern.
  • Make a face on the leaf and decorate with markers or other coloring supplies.
  • Display the green man on the refrigerator or other area where everyone can see it so your child knows how proud you are of the new art work.
  • Note:
    Before a craft project I usually ask what type of supplies they may feel we need for this project: This helps build problem solving skills and decision making skills. After completing this project I went outside with my grand children to see if we could see any faces in our tree barks or leaves. You just never know where green men are hiding these days. It also gave them ideas from nature for other faces they could draw for their greenmen. Enjoy, Grace
    Written by guest author Grace. 
    Thank you Grace for sharing such a cool craft idea!
    Two Green Men Grace Sculpted And One From Wood.


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My daughter would love this. Thanks!

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