Dec 23, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Ideas To Support Your Own Inner Growth.

Turn your MP3 Player, Ipod or cell phone into a transformational machine by downloading products that support your goals and dreams.

There are so many applications available. Why not get an APP that gives you a positive daily affirmation? Or one that supports your well being?

Feeling Fine Audio App By Louise Hay
The Feeling Fine Affirmations app by Louise L. Hay is a compilation of positive audio affirmations set with motivating music created to help you lift your spirits and feel more joy in your life. Having this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is an excellent way to carry Louise's uplifting affirmations with you at all times.

The Stress-Free Audio App By Louise Hay
The Stress-Free app by Louise L. Hay is a collection of powerful audio affirmations designed to help alleviate stress and create positive changes in your life. Having this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is a great way to carry Louise's stress relieving affirmations with you at all times.

I Can Do It! 2011 Calendar App
The energy of this year is one of building your foundation for the future. Louise L. Hay’s I CAN DO IT 2011 Calendar offers you positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to bring you fine opportunities that you may never have experienced before.

This beautifully designed calendar is the perfect gift for friends, family members — and, of course, you, because you can do it... no matter what “it” is!

Download An Audio Book for listening on the go in the car or while walking your dog. There are so many wonderful books available as audio downloads or for your Kindle.

Gregg Braden's Highly Acclaimed Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 And A New World Age.

A Call To Conscious Parenting Digital Download By Shefali Tsabary, PhD

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Conscious Parenting Books Available On Kindle For Children.

Friendly Reminder: We have a Intentional Parenting Store of conscious parenting books/children's books already put together for easy access for you! 

Stress free radio right from your computer. 
Listen while you work on your blogging, projects, wrapping gifts and more. 

Hay House, Inc. 125x125 Shop Namaste

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