Dec 13, 2010

Mister Ego And The Bubble Of Love Children's Book Review & Give Away!

We recently had the pleasure of reading Mister Ego And The Bubble Of Love by Amber Hinton    Illustrations by: Gabreyhl Zintoll

Amber Hinton displays her superb craft in a very colorful luminous way. The phenomenal eye candy of Gabreyhl Zintoll's illustrations mixed with Amber's transparent words fit like a glove. At it's simplest form this profound children's book shows children how to invite their ego into their own love bubble within. The I AM Presence is strong through out this book. This valuable tool could last your child a lifetime!

When that "icky" feeling arises inside, And I feel I must scream or else I will cry, I remember that prickly Mister Ego's about, Trying to make me bang something or shout.

That's when I choose to sit still and invite Mister Ego to join me. Oh, what a delight! He can meet me inside and get cozy within. My bubble of love, just made for him. ~ Constance Kellough

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Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love

Written by: Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

Doreen Virtue


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That sounds like a great book! You know I follow you already. :)

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Debra said...

Hi Girls, I'm glad I stopped in and learned of your community (which I joined), and followed your blog. Love meeting likeminded folks and joining the discussion.
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Leigh Harris said...

Mr. Ego sounds like the solution I've been looking for. I teach this for adults, but I look forward to learning how to do this with children.
Namaste Cathy and Stacy,

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Leigh, Cathy & Stacy, Mr. Ego would be great for adults. There's been many times I've handed an adult in my life a children's book and asked them to please read it. Sometimes the children's books reach that child within and teach a lesson more simply than we can. The artwork is beautiful. You could even pass it around to the adults that have children asking them to read it to their children and pass and then pass it onto the adult next on the list to do the same.
Namaste, Carol

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