Jan 20, 2011

There's something big happening in the Blogosphere! Are you part of it?

As you may know we also have a BlogFrog Intentional Conscious Parenting Community.        
Our community is growing by leaps and bounds. 

BlogFrog Now Connects 50,000 Mom Bloggers to 5.5 Million Women Online.
“While offering the creative platform for women to chronicle motherhood, blogs lack the capability to be networked and social,” said Rustin Banks, CEO and Co-Founder of BlogFrog. “This is where BlogFrog jumps in. BlogFrog gives bloggers a way to bring their readers together in a community that is centered around and integrated into their blog. It’s the glue that connects women online with topics they are passionate about.” 

This fast-paced growth and vision has attracted former executives from Google, Hewlett-Packard, and other high profile companies to invest in an undisclosed Series A round of funding. BlogFrog will use this funding to enhance community features, grow its team, enable strategic partnerships, and accelerate growth of the BlogFrog network for brand advertisers and bloggers. 

BlogFrog serves bloggers by letting them add an instant community to their blog or website, enabling readers to participate in discussions about like-minded topics. BlogFrog powers and connects thousands of these niche communities in growing topics such as parenting, relationships, military wives, cancers survivors, eco-living, infertility, frugality, and many others. BlogFrog helps bloggers:
Build stronger connections with their readers and visitors.
Engage with their readers by answering questions, sharing photos, posting videos and hosting live conversations.
Drive more traffic and page views to their blog.
Increase loyalty and repeat visits from readers.
Earn revenue from day one, regardless of the size of their blog.

After viewing our new page we would love your feedback and for you to join our BlogFrog Intentional Conscious Parenting Community.

Hop on over to our Intentional Conscious Parenting BlogFrog Community!
Meet new friends...Join a conversation.....or start a new conversation.
Share your parenting ideas, leave links to your website, Facebook page or other social networking sites, but most of all HAVE FUN!

***Occasional live chats***

Here's few reasons why you might want to join us on The BlogFrog!

  1. BlogFrog is the largest network of mom blogs in the United States.
  2. Former executives from Google, Hewlett-Packard, and other high profile companies have invested in BlogFrog giving the company an undisclosed Series A round of funding.
  3. In less than 18 months, BlogFrog has become the nation’s fastest growing women’s network with over 50,000 mom bloggers reaching over 5.5 million women online.    Fathers and Men are very welcome in our community. Dads you have a lot to say. We want to hear it!
  4. Research shows that despite their purchasing power, women still feel deeply misunderstood by brands and advertisers. BlogFrog’s vision is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where brands and bloggers both win through lasting, loyal, trusted communities.
  5. As a top women’s destination on the web, BlogFrog has attracted household brand names such as International Delight, Hallmark, and LivingSocial.

Together we can grow a large community of like minded parents and people with a focus on Intentional Conscious Parenting! Parenting with Passion... Are you in????

If you are a brand, business or publishing company that is centered around conscious parenting, conscious children's books, conscious parenting books, spirituality, open mindedness, spiritual/physical health, holistic health, sustainability, law of attraction or conscious living principles and would like to sponsor our Blog Frog community please contact Carol at intunedparenting@gmail.com or simply join our Blog Frog community and look for the sponsor link on the bottom left of page.

Happy Hopping!

We are honored and grateful to be part of BlogFrogs groundbreaking instant community platform.

Do you have a BlogFrog community and you want to embed it in your blog?
Step by Step Instructions: 

  1. Open two more windows on your computer or open one more window after printing these instructions. One internet window is for your Blogfrog and one is for your blog. So they both can be open and accessible.
  2. In one window go to your Blogfrog community. Go to Show Admin Menu (left side of community)
  3. Look for and click on New! Embed Community
  4. In your second window go to your blog. You need to add a new PAGE
  5. Don't put anything on your new page. Title your page. 
  6. Back on your blogfrog page you should see embed community instructions look for the html code that is inside a box.
  7. Copy the code. (Highlight with your mouse, right click "copy"
  8. Then go to your New page on your blog. It should still be open and in the dashboard or behind the scenes setting. Paste your code (right click , scroll down left click on paste)
  9. Then publish your page. 
  10. The first few times I did this my html code would not show up but if I highlighted it I could see that it was there. I published it anyways and it worked.
  11. If you have any problems let Carol know and she's happy to help. intunedparenting@gmail.com or leave a message on the Blogfrog.
  12. After publishing your page refresh your blog and go to your new page. It might take just a few seconds to switch over to your community.
  13. Let all your readers know your Blogfrog community is now part of your blog.


Holly said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks so much for helping us share the news! Congrats on your BlogFrog community - I hope it grows by leaps and bounds! :)

Holly (co-founder, BlogFrog)

Jeannette said...

Thanks for the instructions! Mine won't scroll though. I wonder if there is a way to make it scroll and show all the community on my blog page.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

It should scroll. Here's what my community looks like. http://www.intentionalconsciousparenting.com/p/icp-blog-frog-community.html
You might try and reinstalling your embedded community and if you continue to have problems let the blogfrog know. They are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way that this can be embedded as an iframe? When I embed this on a Wordpress.org, it will not allow any text that you've typed in before the embed to show. I need to be able to type a few sentences before the actual embed. Thanks!