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May 22, 2012

Great parenting conversation about teaching children about law of attraction, universal laws and feelings.

Check out these new conversations from our parenting community

From the Beginning . . . Hi, glad to be starting this conversation and I hope some of you jump right in with your thoughts.  I'm reasonably new to this site and so glad I found like-minded people to share with :-) I chose this group because the 'law of attraction' or similarly,'cause and effect' is something that I... read more... Powered by BlogFrog

Jan 23, 2011

The Winner Of The Conscious Parent Is...And Surprise Give Away!

On Christmas Day we released our review and give away announcement of a brand new parenting book on the market called The Conscious Parent Transforming ourselves empowering our children. 

Here is a copy of our review followed by the winner of her very own copy!
Preface by his Holiness the Dalai Lama

Shefali Tsabary raises the bar in the parenting realm with her new book
The Conscious Parent. She demonstrates several examples on how to take day to day parenting to a new level. Be advised after reading her astounding new book you will never look at parenting the same way. 

She shares with you a whole new perspective on the conscious parenting process. When followed and applied the techniques and tools Shefali teaches can last you a lifetime.

Shefali truly channels the conscious connections of parenting from an authentic place. When you parent from your conscious self you learn how to parent from a place from within. By reconnecting with this part of yourself you begin to practice living in the now and are more fully able to to implement conscious parenting practices. The conscious parent is jam packed with much needed information. This book is nothing like any other book on the market. The Conscious Parent shows you that the parenting process is really about the parent!

My top five favorite messages from The Conscious Parent.
1. I really loved that throughout The Conscious Parent, Shefali reaffirms the process of parenting and life is more important than the outcome.
2. Your unconsciousness isn't your children's to inherit: it is yours to excavate. Being a conscious parent means you are increasingly aware of your unconsciousness as it arises in day to day situations.
3. Shefali demonstrates through her own experiences how to honor your children for their essential qualities such as joy, peace, authenticity, courage and trust.
4. By being fully present with your child, you learn how to make the simple moments count.
5. Shefali shows you how through your children you can learn how to really live, meet your children as they are being to being!

Add The Conscious Parent (book) by Shefali Tsabary to your conscious parenting library today.

"Shefali Tsabary's invaluable book shows how the challenges of parenting can become a great opportunity for spiritual awakening. Becoming a fully conscious parent is the greatest gift you can give to your child." ~ Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power Of Now and A New Earth (hardcover) by Eckhart Tolle

Learn more about Shefali Tsabary, PhD at Namaste Publishing.

Shop Namaste

The winner of The Conscious Parent (book) by Shefali Tsabary is Mallory! Congrats Mallory.
We tallied up all the comments from on our blog, BlogFrog Community and Social Moms and picked a winner using

Just for fun I wanted to share the daily quote from Abraham Hicks from  Saturday 1-22-2011.
Daily Law of Attraction Quotation
Our Varied Behavior Adds to the Planet's Well-Being... When you remember that nothing can come into your experience without your Vibrational invitation of it, then you do the simple work of paying attention to your own Vibrational offering, and you save yourself the enormous and impossible task of controlling the behavior of others. When you remember that the varied behavior of others adds to the balance and the Well-Being of your planet even if they offer behavior that you do not approve of; and that you do not have to participate in the unwanted behavior, and will not - unless you give your attention to it - you become more willing to allow others to live as they choose.
--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships 

You can read a new daily quote every day on our blog.

On a occasion we like to pick a winner from our newsletter subscriber list!
Congratulations Sandy! This workbook is based on Louise's bestselling book You Can Heal Your Life.

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We have a very exciting review of a brand new children's book coming up this week by a very famous author. Can you guess who it is?

Written By: Carol Lawrence

Jan 20, 2011

There's something big happening in the Blogosphere! Are you part of it?

As you may know we also have a BlogFrog Intentional Conscious Parenting Community.        
Our community is growing by leaps and bounds. 

BlogFrog Now Connects 50,000 Mom Bloggers to 5.5 Million Women Online.
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After viewing our new page we would love your feedback and for you to join our BlogFrog Intentional Conscious Parenting Community.

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Share your parenting ideas, leave links to your website, Facebook page or other social networking sites, but most of all HAVE FUN!

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Here's few reasons why you might want to join us on The BlogFrog!

  1. BlogFrog is the largest network of mom blogs in the United States.
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Together we can grow a large community of like minded parents and people with a focus on Intentional Conscious Parenting! Parenting with Passion... Are you in????

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Happy Hopping!

We are honored and grateful to be part of BlogFrogs groundbreaking instant community platform.

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Step by Step Instructions: 

  1. Open two more windows on your computer or open one more window after printing these instructions. One internet window is for your Blogfrog and one is for your blog. So they both can be open and accessible.
  2. In one window go to your Blogfrog community. Go to Show Admin Menu (left side of community)
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  4. In your second window go to your blog. You need to add a new PAGE
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  10. The first few times I did this my html code would not show up but if I highlighted it I could see that it was there. I published it anyways and it worked.
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