Feb 21, 2011

Yoga Man vs The Stressor Training Package Review & Giveaway.

 By: Aruna Katherine Humphrys
Yoga Man vs The Stressor Training Package Review And Giveaway!

There are many benefits to practicing yoga. Adults all over the world practice yoga for; a Calm mind, balance, joint stimulation, flexibility and an increase in awareness of their body. These are just a few of the benefits of yoga. What if children were to learn these skills at a young age? 

Do you work with children? Have children of your own?

Yoga Man vs The Stressor provides parents and teachers tools needed to teach children how to practice yoga. The straight forward instructions make it easy for the instructor or parent to learn right along with the children. 

This handy downloadable training package includes complete instructions on how to use the Yoga Man Series.

  • Comic book style coloring pages make the poses fun to learn. They can easily be copied for the whole class.
  • Numbered poses
  • Hand out activities
  • Teachers aid
  • 10 games and activities
Yoga Man vs The Stressor is so much more than just a yoga guide.

The impressive fun filled games teach the children important life tools while learning fun yoga poses. 

These fun games will help your kids/students get in touch with what stresses them out and how to keep their stress under control.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I recommend this wonderfully written and illustrated Yoga Sun Salutation Training Package
  1. Shows children how to handle stress : Such as talking in front of the class or taking an unplanned test.
  2. Brings out Awareness
  3. Focuses on Perspective
  4. Using their inner wisdom
  5. Great reflection questions included
  6. Teaches the kids how to use their creative imagination.
Personal Thoughts: The yoga guide and coloring pages are directed towards boys. I feel a classroom full of boys and girls will love this program. It will get them moving, connecting and learning about 
themselves in a whole new way.

Perfect for a small or large group activity or parent and child. 

Handy links to learn more.
Young Yoga Masters On Facebook
Young Yoga Masters A Kids Yoga Community.
Video of students  putting  the yoga moves into action.

Aruna Kathy Humphrys (Santokh Kaur) began teaching kids over 10 years ago. She has taught kids in daycares, afterschool programs, community centres, Montessori Schools, conferences and retreats.  She produced and directed the Kids Yoga DVD Let the Children Teach You Yoga.  Aruna served as the Manager in Residence of Guru Ram Das Ashram in Toronto from 1999 to 2005.   She has completed the Radiant Child Yoga Program Levels I, II, and III and has been a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 1998.

Inspired to help teachers build their confidence to teach kids, Aruna has authored over one hundred free articles on her blog. Young Yoga Masters is named in the Top 50 Yoga and Meditation Blogs, and listed among 5 Canadian Health and Fitness Blogs that Inspire Canadian Living.  Through her blog, she has been a resource for teachers from all over the world to help them share the joy of yoga with children.

How would you like to win a copy of your very own Yoga Man vs The Stressor Training Package? Several ways to enter.

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Review By: Carol Lawrence

Aruna katherine Humphrys wrote a fabulous post titled What's Boy Culture?  She brings up a great point about raising boys, boy culture and how many boys and boy culture.



Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I would like to win this package because soon my family, now three, will become eight! Lol. My husband, 2 year old son and myself will be staying with my brother, his wife and two little girls in Colorado. They also have a new child on the way. It will be a house full of A LOT of love and I know that introducing an easy to use yoga course will benefit our health and creativity immensely. I want to our co-housing experience to be memorable and peaceful!

Tashmica said...

You know, my son struggles with frustration. This year has been challenging but we have finally celebrated him reading at his grade level. Guiding him through his homework has always been a bit of a task as he often gets stressed and gives up before he begins. I would love this in my mommy tool belt. For all of my children.

Anonymous said...

i love it! even more amazing my almost 6 year old son loves it. he is working on doing more yoga to bring in some stillness and focus(adhd, attention dialed into a higher dimention)...some days are really great, and some are super challenging. so far he is on a low glycemic diet, gluten and mostly dairy free(friday is dairy day), taking some really great efa oils and vitamin d drops. the glutens he allergic to, and dairy he has grown out of the allergy but still feels foggy and congested when he has it. we are open to any advice you could offer to help us on our journey...my sons learning to focus and find stillness journey, and my keeping grounded even though i want to hide and cry cause i allow myself to get frustrated and am hard on myself because i feel i could do more....(that and let go of my ego...giving it a hug, poor thing.)

the yoga man would really help us out!
lots of love
carol anne and kyle

facebook name:
carol anne carrothers

Hugh d'Entrermont said...

I would like to win the Yoga for Boys package because I supply teach lower elementary school and I need ways to make the boys I work with feel like they belong. In gym classes most competition has been removed, contact is not allowed so we are left with movement games.

I maintain my own yoga practice and would love a way to bring the many benfits of yoga to my disaffected male students.

Hugh d'Entremont

sheila said...

I think this whole concept is wonderful, but don't enter me, it looks like there are more deserving out there!

Prairie Mother said...

I’m the mother of 6 year old twin boys and I was a middle school teacher before I had children. Boy culture is definitely something I’ve been confronted with. As a woman I find myself instictively trying to quell their wrestling and ‘boyness’. We encourage a lot of artwork in our house and, unlike most schools, I don’t censor their violent themes in their work. I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut more often and let them get wild in the house, just not on the couch. Luckily we’ve been able to get the boys into 4-H Archery and Shooting Sports activities which they love! I’m happy with it because these are led by educated, caring male instructors who are fantastic role models as what a responsible man should be.

I’ve done yoga for a few years and it has helped me emotionally calm down and really take inventory of the world around me. I think yoga would be wonderful for my boys but honestly, I don’t know how to approach them with it. This looks great and just up my boys alley! Maybe I’ll get lucky and win this giveaway!

patb said...

i teach preschool and K-4 movement and drama classes and really try to address the different ways boys learn and the different activity they need. so far, it's just been kind of 'theoretical' to me, but since my (first) grandson is 3 now - never had any boys of my own - i'd REALLY like to try the 'yoga man' system/concept. i bet it rocks!

Ashley W. said...

I teach kids yoga and have found that older boys (4/5th grade) really love the challenging poses. I generally take the class through breath work, gentle stretching, sun salutations, balancing poses, twists and we always close (before savasana) with a game, like yoga charades, freeze & flow or yoga bingo. Younger boys in my classes (3-5-ish) have a much harder time staying on track and tend to get really restless and just have energy to burn. These classes never go according to play, so I go with the flow & energy level that day.

I would welcome a new tool to engage the boys in my kids yoga classes more and Yoga Man vs. The Stressor sounds like just the thing!

Young Yoga Masters said...

Thanks so much to everyone for the comments so far. It is amazing to see how much everyone cares about kids and can relate to the different needs of boys.

The contest is still open. I invite you to enter all the ways listed in the blog post. (I see many of you have already!)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I own a dance studio. Over the last year, our boys dance classes went from 5 students to 22. One of the classes we teach is creative movement for little guys (ages 4 - 7). Most creative movement cirriculum involves flowers, fairies, etc. It would be great to have a resource that if more boy friendly. Seeing the excerpts of the YogaMan program convinced me that this would be a a valuable tool for our classes. It would tap in to creative vein that guys naturally go to (superheroes) and engage them more. And knowing that something like this is out there would give them a starting point to create their own yoga related stories and adventures.

Mick Gunter

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the above anonymous post. It was the only way I was able to get my entry in. It is also filled with typos. Again, I apologize.

Mick Gunter

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

So many wonderful comments. There is definitely a need for more yoga material for boys. Aruna has done a fantastic job of creating such a program. We will be picking a winner soon!

Neil said...

I had tried this one!

Neil Advani said...

I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog.Thanks for sharing this one.

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Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Hello Neil, thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment. We do put out a lot of effort to ensure we are providing quality content to our readers and supporting our parenting community. We are now following you on Facebook :)