Apr 12, 2011

Live Chat TONIGHT! With Cathy Adams ~ The Self Aware Parent 9 PM Eastern

The live chat will take place here on our blog. 

(The conversation will be turned into a live chat at 9PM Eastern Sharp, there will be a conversation box below the description. Click on + to speed up the chat and - to slow it down) Please allow Cathy time to answer each question. Thank you for joining us.
The Self-Aware Parent 19 Lessons For Growing With Your Children By: Cathy Cassani Adams, LCSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach. 
In The Self Aware Parent , Cathy Cassani Adams, provides a compelling view of becoming a new mother. She gives you a glimpse of her parenting occurrences through her personal looking glass. 
Cathy shares her heartfelt moments as she discusses her personal parenting discoveries, triumphs and tragedies. Giving herself time to grieve for her old life so she could fully move into her new parenting role, the importance of self-care and the identity crisis from going from a professional career to being a mom are just a few of the insightful personal experiences she profoundly shares.

The Self Aware Parent is full of remarkable insights on how to help your children work through their emotions while including reminders how by staying present in your parenting moments you will able to savor the experiences.

Cathy Cassani Adams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, A PCI Certified Parent Coach, a certified elementary school teacher and a yoga instructor.

Win a copy of The Self Aware Parent 
Winner will be chosen from the live chat participants

April 12th~9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 
7 PM Mountain and 6 PM Pacific

Sponsors and Prizes. 

Blessed Elements Going Going Green
Grace handcrafted a beautiful choker. A lucky chat participant will be picked to receive this beautiful necklace.

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*Kindle Mental Publishing Company  has so kindly donated a Feelings Poster . 

Feelings posters are an excellent way to teach children on how to identify with their different feelings.

*Thank You, Angels children's picture book written by: Doreen Virtue courtesy of Hay House Publishing

The Self Aware Parent by Cathy Adams.

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