May 1, 2011

Have your calendar handy? You don't want to miss these live chats.

What is an online live author chat? We have had the pleasure of connecting with and reviewing some incredible books in our genre. Most of the authors we've reviewed have been interested in meeting their audience in a more connected way. They want to meet you, the potential reader. They want to have a conversation with you, hear what you have to say and answer any questions you might have. These live author chats have been very fun and informative.

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Here's just a few of the nice things members have had to say about our live author chats.

"Thanks Carol and Stacy!! What a treat to win a book. It was a treat to participate in the chat too. Dr. Tsabary seems to be a very grounded individual, but at the same time full of life! It was nice. Namaste." Leigh

"Thanks Carol and Stacey, it was great to be a part of this." Becky

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All chats take place at this time: 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific

Whose Stuff Is This?: Finding Freedom from the Negative Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around YouThe Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children
Date: May 10th
Author: Award winning and best selling author Yvonne Perry
Topics: Symptoms and signs of an empath. Feeling angry, sick or depressed most of the time? You might be an empath. Techniques and tools on how to empower yourself and protect your own energy and more. We'll  ask Yvonne about the inspiration behind her children's book, The Sid Series and how she picked such amazing lessons to teach young children; how parents can relate to spiritually-gifted children, seeing ghosts, healing abilities, welcoming new family members, facing fears, understanding what their body needs and much more. 

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Indigo's Bracelet
Date: May 24th
Author: Alexandra Folz
Topics: We will be talking with Alexandra about her beautiful book Indigo's Bracelet, the publishing process, how she picked such a wonderful character Indigo to demonstrate to children, tweens, teens and adults how through life's experience's she learned about her spiritual tools, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-esteem, her love for nature and the environment. 

Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation
Date: June 14th
Author: Jeff Brown is the author of SOULSHAPING and many articles. Jeff writes for The Washington Post and Good Morning America.
Topics: We will be talking with Jeff about his compelling new book SoulShaping, spiritual health, inner growth, how to look for answers within yourself and more. Here's your chance to ask Jeff all your questions!

"Being present to emotion. As you become more mindful of what is occurring for you in the present moment, you will begin to sense emotions as they arise. Before they take over and consume you, or you try to cover them up with thinking, eating or busyness. Simply be with them." Yvonne Perry

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